Snake in the Sink

I had a really weird dream Thursday night, when I was in my hotel room in San Francisco….

I dreamed that I was hurrying to get ready for a morning session.  I was dressed and almost prepared, but I walked into the bathroom…

…and found my snake there, curled up in the sink, which was full of water!

(Note: I don’t actually have a pet snake.  I call him “my” snake because I have dreamed about this creature a few times now, and he’s always the same.  He is a nice friendly green snake.  I like snakes, I think they are awesome!)

Anyway, he was in the sink, with his head sticking out of the water.  He did not seem to be distressed…but a snake like that does not belong in the water…?  Was he drowning…?  Was he just taking a bath…?

Next to him, on the bathroom counter, was my pet parrot Abe!

Abe and the snake were looking at each other, and I felt like they had been talking, and I’d interrupted their conversation….

Upon seeing the snake, I panicked a little bit.  I mean, I couldn’t have a snake in the sink when my client arrived!  He’d freak out my client!

“Snake!  What are you doing here?! You can’t be here, snake!” I protested.

I picked up the snake and was running around deciding what to do with him!  I looked underneath the bed, and thought about hiding him there, but then I thought that if he crawled out from under the bed in the middle of the session, it would look really bad.

I thought about hiding the snake in the safe with my money, but I couldn’t do that because he might die without air ventilation.

Eventually, I dumped him in a drawer in the closet, and closed the closet doors.

Then I heard the knock upon the door.  My client.

What do you think this dream means….?

3 thoughts on “Snake in the Sink”

  1. I’m no psychologist, but I’d say it means you’ve got things in your life you are hiding or think you need to hide. And of course, snakes traditionally have all sorts of phallic imagery.

    I gotta say though, I love the image of running around a hotel room with a friendly little green snake. Looking under the bed, going “Nope, not there!” 🙂

  2. Ditto to what Anne said, having no qualifications here, but how much of yourself do you have to hide from clients? You don’t want to suffocate those parts, nor do you want them coming out unexpectedly mid-session.

    Was it all right that the parrot was there?

  3. Abe and the snake were looking at each other, and I felt like they had been talking, and I’d interrupted their conversation…

    Maybe they are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and you are Hamlet.

    Take care of yourself.


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