What I Have Now

I miss working in a commercial dungeon because of its infrastructure, and I miss the comradeship…it would be so nice to have my domme friends to talk to before, after, and in between sessions.

That said, working 100% independently for the first time in my sex work career has showed me just how badly the dungeon rips one off.  I am more successful in San Francisco than I ever was in New York, and I’m only working 2-3 days per week.  I’m not doing sub or switch sessions either, and that’s where the money gets VERY good.

These are things I have now:

20 kindle books from Amazon that I couldn’t afford a month ago.  I’m working my way through Joachim Fest’s excellent biographies.  Also: The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy by Adam Tooze.   The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England, by Dan Jones.

I bought a house for my new parrot!  It’s a Meyer’s parrot, and we don’t know the gender yet, because we’re waiting on the DNA test.  If it is a girl, I will name her Sweetling.  It’s not entirely weaned yet, so I have to wait for at least another three weeks.  It’s still living with its Mom and Dad in the aviary.  I don’t mind waiting, I will wait as long as it takes…(in fact, I feel guilty that I’m going to take it from its family. :/  I will give it the best life I can, including a mate when it gets old enough.)

This is a picture of my bird…ADORABLE, RIGHT…?  It’s very closely related to the Senegal parrots, which are Parrot’s species, but it doesn’t look entirely like Parrot.



      This is its new cage, which I just bought this week at the nice bird store in town.  It’s a top-of-the-line cage, and spacious for the species.  I feel badly about sticking a bird in there because it’s basically a birdie prison, but I let my birds out whenever I’m home, so it’ll have some freedom.  It has a playstand on top with perches and puzzles for the bird’s entertainment.


     I bought a couch for my apartment.  It’s used, but the store steam-cleaned it and treated it with heat to make sure there are no bedbugs or other critters hanging out inside.  The fabric is very pretty and there are no obvious signs of wear.  This is a great, comfy couch, and it only cost me $225!  Too bad I can’t take it back to New York with me.  Also, it weighs a ton.  I have no idea how the movers are going to get it up the stairs to my new apartment.  I plan on tipping the guys $40 each.  I hope they don’t hurt themselves.

new couch

This is the living room of my new apartment.  The photo is a bit of an optical illusion: it looks small, with low ceilings, but it’s actually a big room.  The apartment is 800 square feet.  I won’t have that back in New York, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can.  It’s an attic apartment in a Victorian house downtown.  Wood floors (I can’t stand carpet; so uncivilized!) and windows everywhere.  I’m installing screens at personal expense to ensure my new parrot can’t fly out the window if I accidentally leave it open.

apt livng room 2

I’m buying some cheap bookcases at garage sales and I will finally have my LIBRARY with me again, unpacked from the moving boxes.  It will only be for a few months before I have to pack them up and move them across the country again…but it will be a great comfort to have them all near me.

I also hired a personal trainer because I want ABS by the end of summer, went to the dentist for a check-up and teeth cleaning….

…..and took my car to the shop to fix the damage I did to it last week.

I crunched my Camry, readers.  It was totally my fault.  I was cruising along on the highway just outside of San Francisco, and I tried to merge into the righthand lane and I ran right into another car.  It was a fender-bender and neither one of us was hurt, but I broke out my right side mirror and blinker and I crunched my fender.  The impact screwed up his door.

I was so embarrassed.  I haven’t had an accident since I was 17.

He stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY.  I had to stop behind him.  All the cars were whizzing by.  It sucked.  I was afraid one was going to rear-end my car and make it collide with the other driver, who was out on the blacktop and hopping around angry at the damage I did to his door.  He was actually standing on the freeway in the middle of traffic.  I couldn’t believe it.   I kept telling him that I would give him my insurance information and I wasn’t going to run out on him, but we needed to move over before we got killed.

Then THE COPS DESCENDED.  Four California Highway Patrol cars and motorcycles.  Cops usually don’t make me very nervous, because I have cops in my family, but the fact is that I was traveling from one hotel where I did sex work, to another hotel to do more sex work, and I had a wad of cash money in my purse and BDSM gear in a bag on the passenger seat, and I felt like there was a huge blinking neon sign above my head that said “SADOMASOCHISTIC HOOKER.”

The cops escorted us off the highway and one of them, a youngish lady about my age with her hair in a French braid, took our statements.  I admitted culpability.

I missed a session because I was held up by all this.  I apologized profusely to the client.  What else can I do?

My 1997 Toyota Camry now looks like a piece of shit, and I have to get it fixed.  But honestly: who cares what a 1997 Camry looks like…?  It’s not as if I was impressing anyone with an 18-year-old rice burner.



8 thoughts on “What I Have Now”

  1. I’m so glad that things are working out for you now! I would like to ask why you want to come back to NYC when SF is working out well? Seems like you are happy there and have an apartment you like and a life that is working out. While I’d love to think that maybe I’d meet you some day by chance in NYC, why not give SF a longer chance?

    Just wondering.

    Sorry about the car accident, that stinks.

    1. Hi, Downlow! <3 to my favorite contrarian!

      I don't actually live in SF...I just travel there to work. It's a hell of a "commute." I live in the crappy town where I grew up and got my BA and Master's degree. The university is the only thing nice about this place...besides the weather.

      I want to go back to NYC because it is the most exciting and most important place in the world!!! How can you even ask?! Not to mention New York Men! And the City is Gorgeous! Love it!!!

      I'll be here for at least two more months. Being 100% indy is a big education that is refining my business model. As you know, I'm a useless businesswoman, but I'm finally learning. I'm going to try to sell my blog-based book this summer and I'm also giving serious thought to going back to school to be a paralegal. That's a nice middle-class income, and with my credentials and expertise and writing ability, I'd be a credit to a law firm.

      But first: make money in SF and sock it all away, baby! (except buying stuff for my parrot)

      I will return to NYC. It's the only place I want to live.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. HI Margo

        A Paralegal, fwiw that does sound like a pretty good idea. It is obvious from your blog that you loved NYC and loved living there. It is good to have a goal and a plan, Still, go back when you are ready, not because of some self imposed arbitrary deadline. Decisions made that way are seldom good ones.

        Take care of yourself.


  2. Dear Ms. M,
    You may call me a contrarian, but I always on your side.

    Need I remind you of the New York men you’ve crossed with? You want to return to THAT? And men in SF, well, the straight ones, it must be like shooting fish in a barrel! You’ll have your pick! If you don’t live there, here’s an idea, MOVE THERE! I know a great shrink for you too there…she’s awesome!

    And why be a paralegal…be a legal! I mean lawyer! Why do the same work for 1/3 the pay? You’ve got the brains and can earn money while you study. I hope your book scores big! I’ll buy one!

    But if you must come back, promise me a session. I’ve got references.

    Best luck,

  3. Gotta agree about nyc, i had a friend with a rent controlled apartment and an extra bedroom, he’d let me stay over the weekends as long as i bought food and paid for drinks when we went out. Those years we’re the best! I loved the city, i remember heading home at 3:am , getting a bite buying the ny times . 3:am seemed like 9am in most places. I found some great jazz clubs tucked away in alleys, all types of music all hours of the night . I also found the hellfire club for any of you old timers. Now that place was an education! A PHD in everything kinky.

  4. Downlow has some good ideas – I mean, I totally understand about wanting to live where you want to live. I’ve never lived in NYC but I have a niece there, and I do understand the attraction. But aiming higher career wise is not a bad idea. Nothing against paralegals at ALL – but as with many professions, if you can manage a few extra years of school then you’ll be able to earn a much better living, while doing the same or even less work. It’s not too late – I was about your age (I think) when I went back to school to be a physical therapist. Best thing I ever did – being able to make a good living anywhere in the country, with great job security is a wonderful feeling.

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