This is a test

Hi!  I had to make this live a little sooner than I anticipated.  I need to move a few more blog posts.  The format might be unstable for a little while.  I’m still learning WordPress and experimenting with ideas to optimize the website.

If you’re reading this, would you please leave a comment?  I want to see how I receive them.

Thanks for your patience.

6 thoughts on “This is a test”

  1. I’m am excited to see you taking the next step! Good luck/Bonne Chance! I support you and hope you’ll continue to speak the “TRUTH”!

  2. I read your blog from an android tablet. The blog looks a little skewed. Nothing down the right side like your polls,links, and misc info, but I can read each post.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the feedback about how the blog looks on the tablet! I am almost positive that I’m going to change the entire template to a prefab WordPress thing I can customize. I think it’s called Coraline. Anyway, I’ll also have new pages with my blogrolls and other stuff.

      Please hang in there.

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