(23) Scold’s Bridle

This morning, I had a dream that I was traveling over the mountains on horseback.  A man was guiding me.  He’d been sent (by who? I don’t remember) to bring me there.

I don’t remember what he looked like, but he was wearing a brown suede jacket with horn buttons, like the ranchers wear when they dress up for town.  He was wearing a hat.  I think he had dark hair.

I kept asking him questions about who’d sent him and where we were going, but he wouldn’t answer me.  Eventually, he stopped, dismounted, and pulled me off my horse!

Then he put me in a Scold’s Bridle!

the bad old days
the bad old days

In my dream, this didn’t upset me at all, which is interesting because I’m sure it would make me unhappy if it actually happened.

We had to camp in the mountains overnight.  He took it off of me so that I could sleep, but had sex with me first.   I enjoyed it.

That was the end of my dream.

This dream was fun enough (I don’t know about you, but I always like it when I have sex dreams), but I am embarrassed by the content matter.  I am not a very scold-y woman, and even if I was, I am reasonable: nobody would actually have to put a metal cage on my head to shut me up!  Just the threat would be enough to quiet me down.

That’s all for tonight.

2 thoughts on “(23) Scold’s Bridle”

  1. You need not be a scold-y woman for someone to decide to put you in a scold’s bridle. You just need a top who chooses to do so because he can and because of what it communicates to you.

    He keeps you silent not because you’re willing to be silent but because he demands it.

    Just as a top might simply decide to put a totally obedient submissive, one who will struggle to maintain position & never shield herself from the cane while being punished, in bondage for the punishment.

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