Perils of Publishing

I’ve been writing, just not here.  This is the first week I have to start submitting work for publication.  I’ve pitched four different places (two of them pay their writers). I’ll update the blog with my success, or lack thereof.  Rejected writing that can’t be used anywhere else will probably also end up here.

I am dealing with an issue: what to publish under what name.

Anything that I write about sex work has to be under this pseudonym.  Likewise, anything about my struggle with alcoholism–the last thing I need is a potential employer googleing my legal name and finding out that I have a problematic relationship with drinking.

What about narrative pieces about my family history…?  I don’t want to cause problems with my loved ones by writing about personal things.  I also don’t want to violate their privacy.  What if my mother or brother find my writing insensitive?

On the other hand, I do not give a damn about my father’s privacy, and I do not think it is possible to damage his reputation.  There is not much I could do to make him look worse, even if I wanted to (which I don’t).

This is going to be tricky.  I need to decide what goes where, and I have the sinking suspicion that the only way I’m going to learn is trial and error.

I ended four posts shy of the 30, and no I am definitely not off the hook for them.  I’m facing consequences for it, after I finish posting them plus a penalty.  The punishment is important because it sets a precedent, Heinrich says.  I’d like to post a few pictures taken in Heinrich’s apartment, but, well, his apartment is in the background.

Finally: if anyone has recommendations for places to publish my work, please share.  I have a list of blogs and publications taped to the wall right here by my computer, but I need as many as possible.  Who publishes work about BDSM and the sex industry?  Adult Mag?  Tits and Sass, of course.  Slate, maybe?  xojane runs first-person accounts of sex work.

Not HuffPo, for anything.  I used to really like The Huffington Post back in 2007-2008, but it totally turned to shit.

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  1. Consistency is important with pseudonyms — you’re building a brand (much as I kind of hate that term). You end up figuring it out fairly quickly. You probably already know this one, but Erotica Readers & Writers Association has wonderful links to anthologies, websites and magazines taking work, including nonfiction (nowhere near as often as fiction, but it’s there). As well as their Market News & Calls for Submissions, Cindi Myers’s Market News Blog updates every Wed and I’ve found some interesting markets there, too. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures in writing.

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