Mystery Assignment!


        Heinrich gave me an assignment…!

        A MYSTERY assignment!

        I have a paper of writing.  I have to copy it down in my handwriting and mail it back to him.  I don’t know what it is that I’m writing because it’s in his language.  I recognize some words, but I can’t read most of the sentences.  I can’t use my old textbooks or the Google translator.  I can’t ask my old German professor, either (“Trust me.  You do not want your professor to read this,” said Heinrich).  

       I’m going to copy it down right now.  I wonder what will come of it!  Heinrich has something planned.  He’s quite a planner, this one.


One thought on “Mystery Assignment!”

  1. I now have blogger whiplash. Five minutes ago (in my world) you were hiding in the bathroom from Heinrich and proffering a Poinsettia as some sort of peace offering. Now you’re going ‘SQUEEEEEEEE!!!’ (I may have miscounted E’s) at the idea of an assignment from him.

    Presumably something happened between said two events, but it was a bit of an abrupt transition for everyone following along at home…


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