Update: Crummy Job, T-Rex Extinct, Heinrich

     May I tell you this…?  I will tell you this now, because there is nobody else to tell. 

     I’m so lonely that I’m worried it is causing meaningful problems to my heart.  Even my birds are gone now.  I miss my birds so much.  I think about them every day. 

      My stupid office monkey job is getting nuts.  The lead-up to Christmas is the busy season, which is why they hired me.  Everyone wants to buy his buddy some Italian-made stationery.  I honestly have no emotional investment in this industry whatsoever, but do you know how many Dago-written emails I have to edit…?  Couldn’t they hire an English major grad student in Siena and pay him in pizza?  

       Seriously, though: working at this company has improved my opinion of Italians (I didn’t really have a “bad” opinion of them at first, I just made fun of them because they are crazy).  I’m not kidding about that.  It’s a well-run company and it produces quality product and everyone is paid a living wage.  I worked years in jobs that didn’t pay me enough to keep a roof over my head.  Employers can get away with that in America and it’s typical for millions of workers and nobody talks about it.  This is a nice company. 

         My brother bought a permit and trekked into the mountains and felled a tree for Christmas.  He killed it with an axe.  It’s a beautiful tree.  

       Professor T-Rex is still gone from the internet, I mean gone like vaporized.  I know I shouldn’t give a fuck, but what can I say.  He was in my life for a year and he wasn’t ALL bad.  I just want to know what happened to him.  Marie Bismark on Twitter says that he probably got caught by his wife and now he’s on communication lockdown.  My French-Canadian grad school chum told me how to search death notices (in French) in the local papers.  Still no dice.

     Heinrich waited until I moved 2000 miles away to tell me that he’s been in love with me for years.  Dunno what to do about that one. 

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