A Thousand and One Pieces of Margo: The Best & Favorites, Cont’d

       This is the continuation of the previous post…

       Hunters, written a year ago in a fit of melancholy and homesickness.  

       Political Theater: Tales from a Submissive Intern  When I was a very young woman, I won (through merit) an internship with the office of a well-known politician, a homely and ill-tempered fellow who loves power and intimidation.  My experience here–my emotional reaction and sexual response to the politician’s cruelty–is interesting, because it augers what I will gravitate toward in later adulthood. 

      Boots as Inspiration, About my weird attraction to boots.  I really like this blog post: part memoir, part theory, a few very well-written lines, and some provocative art.  It’s a nice little Margo-capsule.  I also like it because most of the stuff I’ve read about boot fetishism on the internet comes from the  the gay male demographic.  Het sub males write a little, too.  I don’t find much from women. 

     A Map of the Pain   NSFW.  Not pornographic but careful where you view it!  Written in 2011 almost immediately after the Surgeon visited me in my apartment and we had a pretty intense sex/corporal session.  I was newly sober, about 80 days clean, for the first time since I started drinking alcoholically.  I was high off the sex and the beating and the meeting.  I remember taking the photos very well.   Good times.  
   No Rest for the Wicked  Penniless and desperately seeking to replace a stolen jar of salsa, I contact a random sad old white guy on Craigslist and ride my bike across town to sell him my worn-out ballet flats.  My first home-town outcall session.  Everything about this story is completely ridiculous.   

        Mind-Fucking  It’s not a popular post, but I like it.  It’s…contemplative.  

        Failing the Geography Exam  Meet Franz Alder: the secret to my academic success, and why I ate two Antabuse this evening.

        The Adler Family Menorah   My German Catholic mother buys a hugeass honkin silver Menorah at a garage sale.  It now dominates the dining-room table.  

         The Surgeon at War  My Ex has a decades-long, mysterious, highly personal vendetta against another physician.  He’s sued the guy several times, humiliated his proteges at conferences, had my seduce the guy in a bar….it goes on and on.   Successfully headhunting one of his enemy’s staff was the Coup of 2012.  I had great sex for months.  

3 thoughts on “A Thousand and One Pieces of Margo: The Best & Favorites, Cont’d”

  1. Warmond, the Netherlands.

    First things first and a wee bit late: My best wishes for 2015.

    About boots and your weird(?) attraction to ‘m. I share that attraction – very strongly – and cannot but totaly agree with many of the aspects and facets in that wonderful blogpost you wrote.
    I already felt strongly attracted to all things leather and got “sold” on boots while attending a concours hippique when I was 15. After all these years I still feel the presence of that man; one of the contestants. Rather tall, ramrod straight, black velvety jacket, white jodhpurs and these beautiful, jet black, shiny riding boots. Not that I hadn’t seen men in riding boots before, but that “picture” definitely clinged it for me.
    About 12, maybe 13 years ago I mentioned this to The Mate – my Lord and Master – and not long after he ordered me to buy him a pair. I’ve been shining ‘m, groveling at ‘m, licking ‘m ever since. Very frequently. As I’ve been feeling and enjoying their presure in my neck, forcing my face to the floor.

    I personaly liked your post about the improvised execution most of all: http://piecesofmargo.blogspot.nl/2013/07/the-execution.html
    The way you handled that … ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT

    Thank you for sharing so much.

  2. Hi Margo, I found you on Tits and Sass, you commented on a piece by Lori Adorable. I’ve been reading your blog all week, in order, going back through time. I think you’re amazing, you’re giving me lots to think about and I’m learning more about my own sexuality. Sending love and appreciation that you are here on earth and sharing. XO

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