Studio Crazies I

      I got a letter (not a comment, or else I’d publish it) for a random internet male stranger who is hurt that I am picking on men when I commiserate with female readers in the comments section.

       Let me be the first to admit that, while I think that women on the whole are better at being decent human beings, there is no doubt in my mind that many are terrible people.   Some of them are also, to use the random internet stranger’s somewhat-sexist word, “crazy.”  

        I know that bitches be crazy, random internet stranger.  I worked in three commercial dungeons in NYC.  I saw lots and lots of bitches being crazy.

        Let’s think of the top three stories…hmmm….so many to choose from!


         This domme was not a crazy person…but she did a moment of crazyness.  She was driven crazy. 

        This story involves my old client, Mel.  I’ve written about Mel here.   Mel is a Top, and I sessioned with him pretty regularly for over a year, until I just couldn’t do it anymore, and had to take a break from him for about 9 months.  

          Now, Mel liked me a lot, but he still saw other mistresses.  This never bothered me–I never got jealous of clients.  These men are paying for the prerogative of variety.  

          Well, he started seeing a girl named…”Tina.”  A skinny, petite redhead with gorgeous waist-length hair who always made me think of Ariel, the mermaid from the Disney cartoon.  

         I always liked Tina.  She was very sweet.  I was stunned to learn that she was my age–I took her to be ten years younger, early 20s.  

         Tina was immature upstairs….which is why I thought she was my students’ age.  But I never saw her get angry or surly or display any hit of a temper.  She was lady-like.

       Well, one day I came to work and learned that Tina had been canned.  Her locker was cleaned out, and she was sent packing.  

         It is almost impossible to get fired from a dungeon.  That’s the awful truth.  Hate to admit it, but that’s the Awful Truth.  You have to use drugs in the open, or fuck up a session so badly that it looks like law enforcement is going to get involved, or do something sexual with a client that would be considered illegal (prostitution) and get caught, or (the only one management regularly lectured us about) poach clients.  

         So…how’d Tina lose the job?

         I got the entire story from some other dommes who hung out with her outside of work.

         Mel had been pressuring her to see him outside of the Studio.  I could totally see that…it also explained why he was so interested in her, when she wasn’t a masochist like your humble correspondent, and couldn’t take the amount of pain he frequently enjoyed administering in a session.  When he started sessioning with her, I’d think, wow, he must really tone it down with her!  She’d come out of it with a red bottom, but no marks.  Mel would hit me like a fuckin freight train.  It’s why he saw me for so long and never got bored.

           So, Mel wanted to see her outside.  In a hotel.  I’m going to be generous and assume that he really had a crush on her and wanted to have an affair or a sugar-daddy thing, but maybe he just found her very attractive and wanted to have sex, who knows?  She was definitely a beauty. 

           I knew another reason he gravitated towards her (because Mel had sessioned with a LOT of my co-workers…and, to the best of my knowledge, never asked any of us to see him outside): she seemed weak, and, like most Tops, Mel’s a bit of a predator.  If I was a Top and out to seduce a dungeon girl, I would have made a bee-line straight to her, too.  A lot of douchebag clients gravitated towards her, and we’d have to warn her about them in back so that she could protect herself.  She seemed like one of those girls who would be too “nice” to stick up for her boundaries…like the type who would have a hard time saying no

         With Mel, I wouldn’t blame her.  He has a kind, paterfamilias warmth (I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little attracted to him), but underneath that, he’s pretty intimidating.  He’s a powerful man.  I’d hate to be working for him and fuck something up.  

           Well, over the weeks, he started putting on the pressure…trying to seduce her…whatever you call it.  And he started getting a little…well, I call it molest-y, but a client would probably call it sensual (gag).  Touchy-feely.  

          He also gave her a card with his cell phone number on it. 

          Tina waited till after work and finally call him and told him that she was sorry, she didn’t want to meet him in any hotel room.  I could see why she would do this, as opposed to telling him in person.  She always struck me as non-confrontational.  

           He seemed to take it well, I heard.   He made another booking with her at the Studio.

           Apparently, he went pretty hard on her.  Hard on her with the corporal and hard on her with the molest-y, and, knowing Mel as I do, hard on her with the really freaky eroticized memories of his childhood abuse with Dad.  And you know why he was hard on her: he was punishing her for rejecting him.   Very adult of you there, Mel.  Very mature.

            I could see that.  I could see Mel taking offense–maybe even having some hurt feelings, if he really had a crush (or thought that he had a crush) and his interest wasn’t completely sexual.  I could see Mel being a bit of a dick about it.  Mel has accomplished a lot in life, and he’s the boss at work, and he’s handsome in a very masculine way, and he’s got a lot of money…and this weak little dungeon girl FIT student REJECTED HIM?

           So, yeah, I could see him being hard on her.

           I could not have guessed what happened next, however:

          He stiffed her. 
           Mel always paid in cash, and Mel always tipped $300.  No matter who he saw, even if he only saw her once.  No matter what he did in the session.  He treated everyone exactly the same, money-wise…sometimes he’d give his favorites a little gift for the holidays or her birthday, but as far as cash was concerned, he was consistent and reliable as clockwork.  

            (And lest you think wow $300 that’s really generous!  That’s a lot of money!  Mel must be a great guy!  Let me tell you: if he didn’t pay that, he wouldn’t get his session.  Believe me, you earn every penny with Mel.  If you’re a masochist like me, you’re out a few days of work while you heal.)

            “I left your money at the front desk,” he told her.  “I counted it out first to make sure that I had it on me.”

            (This was a big red flag.  Mel always gave the tip to the mistress in person so that he’d know she received it, in full.) 

            Tina believed him.  Why wouldn’t she?  I would have believed him, too.  I’d never heard of Mel shorting a woman, or try to get out of paying.  

             Well, Tina went to collect her wages at the end of the night..and get this:

              He’d put the session fee on three different credit cards and hadn’t left her a dollar for a tip.

              He put it on credit cards because he knew that she wouldn’t get the money for a month.  Maybe more than a month, because it would be paid in installments.  He’d also told the front desk that it was a domination session (dunno how he got away with THAT ONE, except that the regular manager who’d known him for years was away that day).  

               What that means, is that Tina endured a heavy corporal, molesty-session, with some humiliation thrown in (Mel’s been known to wash mouths out with soap, and it did it to her that day), for $85.  Not even the money of a standard sub session at the Studio.  

           It was Mel’s big FUCK YOU WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! to Tina for rejecting him.

           Tina.  Fucking.  Flipped.

            Can’t say that I blame you, Tina.  Can’t say that I blame you.

            She had friends who work at the Sprint store.  And she had Mel’s cell phone number.

             In no time at all, she had Mel’s REAL NAME…the name on his bill.

            And the address where the bills were sent…his family home out on Long Island.

            And then she dropped $105 online and bought his home phone number.

            You know.  The one his wife answers.  

             Sucks to be you, Mel.  Sucks to be you.

             I guess she called his house after work and three martinis at Mustang Sally’s down the street–it’s a long commute for him, and she wanted to be sure that he’d be home.  Nobody knows what really passed between them, or if she got the wife on the phone, or one of his kids.

             We do know that she was drunk and pissed and that she was crying in the locker room in rage and humiliation before she left that night.  With bruises on her ass. 

              We also know that he mailed her entire fee to her at the Studio via FedEx Overnight.  

               And we know that management fired her.  Immediately.  They gave her the FedEx package and made her clean out her locker.

               The last thing we know is that Mel disappeared for over eight months.  This guy, who’d been coming in every week for over ten years!  

              Eventually, though, he came back.  He has to come.  It’s a compulsion for him.   To this day, he comes every week, and he’s still doing the exact same thing.

              Only now, he tips $400.

              He pays it up front, in cash, every single time.

              And for that, we have Tina to thank.  So thank you, Tina.

              (Tina left the Biz after she was fired and now works as a personal assistant in the fashion industry.)  

5 thoughts on “Studio Crazies I”

    1. 🙂 Well said!
      The thing about men whining about how some woman “done treated him wrong” – of COURSE we all get how much it hurts to have your heart broken and your trust shattered. Of course we all understand how bad it feels to be cheated on, and how it can drive you nuts. Both men and women understand that, and have experienced it.
      BUT… as long as there is a fundamental power imbalance between men and women, they just are never going to understand the difference.

  1. wow, Thank you Tina! Mel and his ilk rule the world I guess. Nice guys like me are left to take the rap…bad rap for jackasses like him. ss

    1. In my experience, the “nice guys” turn out to be the biggest douche bags of all. Sorry SS, you might be a “nice guy” or that nice guy facade might be what you use to lure women in so you can fuck with their heads.

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