Sneaky Margo Continues to Scheme

      The people at one of the sex worker ad malls I advertise at are being total dickheads.  I hope that they’re busting balls because a DA is rattling their cage or subpoenaing credit card statements, because this is getting silly.  

       I can no longer pass as a teenager.  In fact, I can no longer pass as an undergraduate.  There are porn actresses younger than me who are marketing themselves as MILFS.  Nothing about my ad suggests that I am particularly young–I don’t even lie about my age.

      Well, the ad mall wants a scan of my ID to verify that I am of legal age.  

       They ain’t getting it.  Fuck them.   It took me over two hours to photoshop my ID to change EVERYTHING.  What a waste of time.

         I know other sex workers who buy fake IDs online and scan those.  I would have done that, but I don’t have time.   It’s almost Monday.  

        What a pain in the ass. 

                           *                          *                            *         

 I reserved the hotel room for Monday afternoon.  I can’t believe how affordable hotels are here compared to New York.   I got the best place in town on an Expedia special for $50 and it’s right by a bus line, so I won’t have to pedal my ass across town in the freezing cold with a bunch of BDSM gear strapped in a backpack.  

        I’m going to miss half a day of work at my office monkey job, so I hope this client doesn’t flake out on me.  If he does, it’s going to be an expensive mistake on my part.  I guess I could stay in the room and post my Google Voice phone number on the ads, but my experiences with guys who JUST WANT TO COME OVER AND HAVE A SESSION RIGHT NOW!!! are generally not good.  It lost me a lot of business, because that’s how a lot of clients operate–something happens unexpectedly and they get the afternoon off work or their wife decides to go see a show in the evening, and all of a sudden they have a 3-hour block of time to kill, and what better way to spend it than getting your balls stomped on by a Backpage dominatrix?  It makes perfect sense, right?

         There are problems, though, with last-minute bookings: less or no time to screen, which just isn’t worth it to me.  At night, they’re drunk and impulsive.  Some of them don’t have the money on them and don’t yet realize that the ATM isn’t going to give them any more until midnight.  

         I’m going to do it.  Unless he flakes, in which case I’ll be cooling my heels in a useless hotel room (and possibly live-blogging).

         Now I need to hand-wash a dress and some nice lingerie so that I’ll have something nice to wear on Monday.  

         It will be fine.  The worst that could happen is that I’ll be out four hours of wages and the cost of a hotel room…so, $100.  The payoff would be $450 and the client sounds serious.  That’s worth the risk.  Isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Sneaky Margo Continues to Scheme”

    1. The woman usually gets the room if it’s an incall because 90% of the time the man cannot book a room on his credit card OR check in without ID. Clients are almost always married. Most good hotels–at least in NYC–do not accept cash and require ID.

      Depending on the arrangement, the guy gives her the hotel fee on top of her session fee…but maybe not, if she’s working out of the hotel for several days at a time.

      When I was in New York, I usually had to absorb the cost of the dungeon fee if I was renting at a dungeon as an Independent. Sucks, but that’s pretty standard. One of my best guys would always pay for it himself, but he was a loaded lawyer from Philly and had a very generous personality. I liked him. I always gave him good provider referrals.

  1. Halo M, this is your friend you still are not talking to.

    As always, you will do what you want, but I wish you would not do this. Please be careful.

    And I do wish that you would answer your email.

    1. You mean the email you sent me when you were drunk and upset on the Aeroflot plane (of all random airlines!), right before you called me on the telephone? Time change? Hello?

      Fine, I’ll call you tomorrow and you can “explain” all you want.

  2. I don’t think that Mr. Friendzone there has the right to call himself your friend anymore.

    I understand boredom. I understand money worries. Your life is yours and if it’s a new client I believe that you will trust your instincts. This isn’t the same as jetting off to France to enact fantasies with someone you’re infatuated with. I will only say that I hope you keep your pro hat on at all times.

    Be safe,
    random Canuck

    P.S. you don’t need to post this comment if it will cause Drama.

  3. Hi Margo

    I hope you are home safe and sound by the time I write this.

    Sometimes I have to wonder which of the two you are more addicted to. Alcohol or sex work. And your sex work does increasingly seem like an addiction to me. And not just the work itself, but everything surrounding it. The title of this blog entry says it all. How many people did you have to lie too and how much fabricating did you have to do to set this all up? I get the necessity of it all. But that does not make it less corrosive.

    I hope I am not coming across as judgmental. We all do what we have to to survive in this economic dystopia called America. But now it seems to be going beyond survival for you.

    Again, take care of yourself


  4. Do what feels comfortable and you think is in your best interests. As long as the “work” doesn’t affect your mental health, you can say to yourself you’re getting ahead by accumulating enough capital to get out of that hillbilly hellhole asap. Get that money, gurl!

  5. I recently began following this blog. I am a Prodomme and find nothing wrong with being a prodomme, so… Why all the negativity?

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