FML (and Thanksgiving)

      I don’t know what to say.   Life sucks and I’m upset and anxious.  I got a teaching job next semester at the local college.  An evening class.  

      I would rather cut off my own arm with a chain saw than sit through Thanksgiving dinner this year.  

       Professor “Prawn Sandwich” T-Rex is still on ice, where he belongs.   He emails me and I don’t respond.  

       Heinrich waited a few days for things to blow over and then wrote me to apologize for his outburst.  To his credit, he had the decency to sound embarrassed.   He also wanted to talk with me and “explain,” but I’m still not in the mood.  I feel awful about what happened with him.

        He returned the flash drive containing the files of my correspondence with Professor T-Rex.  He claims not to have read the file in its entirety.  I hope that he’s telling the truth, because the thought of it makes me cringe, but I’m skeptical.  

       I have the opportunity to do a pro-sub session after Thanksgiving.  The first since I “retired” last summer.  

        I could make more in two hours than I make all week at my stupid office monkey job.  

        I’m also so anxious and conflicted about it that I can’t see straight.  

        Heinrich sent me a box in the mail.  I’ve been staring at it for two days.  I won’t open it.  

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