Protips for Compartmentalization


         My first prodomme business card.  I designed it myself using one of those free online template designers.  My clients liked that card.  It was somewhat discreet.   

          For years, I had a reoccurring nightmare that I was at an academic conference and pulled out my business card to offer a colleague.  He’d take the card out of my hand and then I would realize, too late, that I’d passed him the wrong card.  

           I retired the card when I retired Margo as my stage name, which was right after I’d gone back to pro-domming behind the Surgeon’s back and he caught me.  When I went back after that, I took a new name, so that I could better hide from him.   He never caught me again, but I was always paranoid that he would, especially after I left him and he no longer had an outlet for his needs.  I knew it was just a matter of time before he started hitting the commercial dungeons again.  I wonder which one he goes to now.  My money’s on (the former) Jasmine’s–I went there with him as a client a few times.

          I found the picture of my first prodomme business card when I was digging through my old files this evening.  I don’t have the privacy that I used to, so I’m trying to keep my machine and my internet browsing habits as clean as possible.  

          Not many women read this blog, but if you’re in the sex industry or thinking about it, let me tell you some of the other things you can do to protect yourself while you’re working:

          If you’re a student or you have a straight job at which you’d like to stay closeted, don’t check your sex worker email from the servers at work or school.  Network Admin can see everything.  

          Don’t use your credit card or banking information to buy your ads.  If the government goes to Backpage or Eros and demands copies of the billing records to check for evidence of trafficking or exploited children, they’re going to get your real name.  Go to a drug store outside of your neighborhood and buy a prepaid Visa gift card.  Pay with it with cash.  Use the gift card to buy your ads, and just make up the billing information: say you’re Mary Smith living in Queens.  Don’t buy your ads using your computer from your internet in your apartment.  Do it from an internet cafe or someplace with free wifi and a lot of traffic.  

           Photoshop the distinguishing moles and scars out of your photos.  If I had a tattoo that I couldn’t cover up, I’d blur its image.

         Work clothes are for work.  Do not post pictures of yourself wearing your work clothes to Facebook or OkCupid or any of your other social media sites.  I know it sounds crazy, but some of these fuckers really have no lives and will identify you through an outfit.  Sad but true.  True story: I went on three dates with a guy more than three years ago.  We had no relationship at all.  Decided not to go out with him again.  Two years later, he sent me an email because he recognized my picture from an ad, even though it didn’t show my face–I was wearing the same dress I wore to dinner with him, and he recognized it, and my body shape.  I didn’t respond to his (completely inappropriate) questions, but lesson learned: they will find you.  They have nothing better to do but collect domme pictures and compare them to pics in dating profiles or something.  Four clients found my blog (that I know of).  Three were okay guys but one was a fruitloop and caused me to quit seeing new clients at my apartment, no matter how much I screened. 

          I always lied about my age because I didn’t want anyone to know my birth year. 

          My Ex taught me how to be anonymous in hotels.  Maybe I’ll write about that next time.

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  1. Pro Dominas are not sex workers. The term Sex workers comes from prostitution. Now, it’s completely different to call yourself that only if… You actually slept with your clients. Please don’t confuse people with what’s really true for professional Doms, it’s enough to have to fight stereotypes without people confusing them with other people’s sexual appetites. Love the blog though. Keep up the good work and stay in good health.

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