Dear Clueless Client

Dear Clueless Client,

      Yes, I’m looking at you, rich old guy who comes in to see me for a 30-minute session twice a month and who always asks me if you can give me oral sex.

       I can’t really call you an asshole, because every time I turn you down, you immediately back down, apologize, and the session goes on, your good mood unaffected.  You never pout or turn hostile when I reject you, and you keep coming back to see me, so, well, I guess you’re an alright guy.

       I just want to explain something to you.

       I don’t blame you for wanting to give me oral sex.  I find the request a little irritating, but I’m not offended by it.  Can’t blame a man for trying, I guess.

        What I do find offensive (not to mention confusing) is your cluelessness.  Somehow I just don’t think that you’ve thought this thing through.  

         Bear with me here:

         For a half-hour session, I make $60.  That is nice.  It pays my cell phone bill.  Thank you.

         However, there is not a self-respecting prostitute in New York who is not in the throes of severe drug withdrawal who is going to accept oral sex for $60.  It’s not going to happen.  

         I would respect you more if you went to your wallet, took out three bills with Benjamin Franklin on them, and asked me then.  I would still tell you no, but at least your request would make sense to me.  Because every time you come in, I am scratching my head, wondering what universe you live in where you think a prodomme could be bribed to let a stranger lick her pussy for half an hour for $60.  I think I would have an easier time wrapping my mind around Einstein’s Theory of Relativity than whatever it is that is going on it your brain when you make that request.  

        See you next week.

        Miss Margo

        P.S.  Just in case anyone is wondering, he is not one of those guys who only asks because he gets a thrill out of being rejected.  If I let him, he’d do it in a heartbeat.  He’s earnest.  


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