The Reports of My Death Have Been (Only Slightly) Exaggerated

    Sorry, everyone.

    Two weeks ago I was locked out of my email and blogger account.  It took me a week to fill out the forms necessary to get back into my account because I was worried about other things.  FWIW, I couldn’t have written much, anyway.

    I finally regained access to my account this morning.  

    I’m writing this from my mother’s house.  I’ve been here almost a week and I’m staying for a few more days.

    Now that I have access to my email, though, I’ll start responding to correspondence and comments.  Thanks for your patience.  

    I have a lot to blog about, but I have to get my strength back first.


5 thoughts on “The Reports of My Death Have Been (Only Slightly) Exaggerated”

  1. Have you been ill? Whatever it is/was, I’m sorry you’ve had a bad patch – hope things are getting better, and am glad to see you back!

  2. Welcome back to you Margo! I am glad that it was a solvable problem! I wish you a good time and time to recover at your mothers house!

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