True Facts About the Owl

     ….because this place needs cheering up!   

     I was dragged out of bed for a session–guy booked it 45 minutes in advance–and he’s here 20 MINUTES EARLY!  What is with all these early birds recently?  Dude has to wait 15 minutes, period, unless he wants an ugly domme with armpit stubble.

     Waiting for school to start.  Waiting for school to start.  Please get me back into the normal world.

5 thoughts on “True Facts About the Owl”

  1. Love the owls! When I was a kid I had a good friend whose family did wildlife rehab/rescue, and they had a screech owl and he was AWESOME. He’d sit on top of the refrigerator and if he liked you he’d swoop down and land on your shoulder. Which could be a surprise if you didn’t know he was there LOL He seemed to enjoy the joke as much as we obnoxious 12 year old girls did.
    Do you start back to school this week? If not, hope it’s soon. Sounds like you need it.

  2. Owls are superb.

    In the north of England an owl is sometimes called ‘old hushwing’. That’s because an owl’s feathers are specially designed to enable them to fly completely noiselessly.

    Alas, destruction of habitat, especially barn conversions to human habitation, are reducing their numbers.

    But this is true for many bird species. Intensive agri-business is a blight on the face of the ecosphere.

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