I just had to post this.  I only wish I could give it a wider audience.

     He confessed to doing it and offered her thousands of dollars to shut her up, so I really don’t care about hurting his reputation.  

      He comes to New York and he hires fetish workers, not regular escorts (or so he claims).  And he gives his real name.  

      He would have passed my screening process and I would have had a session with this guy.  I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. Clean-cut middle-aged married white guy, in town on business.  My bread and butter, friends.  My bread and butter.  

       Jesus Christ.  And I thought the Attorney and Chopin were bad.  This creep even LOOKS like the Attorney, though the Attorney is younger than 40.  FML.

       Everything about this horrible narrative rings true to my personal experience about what a bad client would do, right down to shoving her tip money in her mouth and claiming he didn’t sexually assault her because his cock was not involved.

       The next time some asshole complains that I won’t let him tie me up securely unless there’s another woman in the room, I’m going to send him straight to this website.    UGH.

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