Readers Weigh In: Creepy, Touching, or Both…?

      Do you think this video is disturbing, or touching, or both…?   The first time I watched it, I was frozen in morbid fascination, but the second time I thought it was funny and quite nice.

      What do you think?

      P.S.  As I finish grading the midterms, it occurs to me that the next time I’m at the doctor’s office I ought to have my kidney examined.  I think my kidney crayons are gangrenous, and I need nice healthy red crayons…

6 thoughts on “Readers Weigh In: Creepy, Touching, or Both…?”

  1. Leaning towards creepy for me. It was funny up until the gooey intestine-y layer. Although I cracked up at the crotch-unicorn.


  2. Dear Miss Margo,

    I was riveted! What makes it great to me is that I was anticipating some sudden shift into black humor or some extreme sort of grotesquerie. Instead it just plowed ahead at the same level of the bizarre at which it started. The combination of the fleshy internal organs and cartoon like explanations was intense. I guess I was expecting the film to resolve one way or the other, which is never did.

    I need curiosity butterflies and salamanders in my courage sack. Get rid of those bugs!


    PS: Did you post this because of the relationship with the Surgeon?

    1. This video is one of the weird as hell, and it’s so novel that I figure it has to qualify as ART. No idea what kind of art it is, but it’s art. The guy deserves some sort of creativity prize.

      I have no idea why I posted it; I was just fascinated with it and wanted to share. This blog started as a vehicle to relieve the tension of living a double life; other than that, it has no rhyme or reason.

      …but when I study it, as in my dream journal, I see themes emerge.

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