Lazy Instructor Doesn’t Want to Lecture

      I’ve been working on a few more substantial blog posts, but I’m also writing under a deadline for another project and grading midterms (Oh. My. God.  Whyyyyy do they not study when I tell them what will be on the test?  Whhhyyyyyyyy I give them all the answers?  Why?  Why?). 

       In the meantime, here are more videos…I feel like the lazy teacher showing videos in class instead of lecturing…shame shame shame….

       Blogger DrugMonkey, of Your Pharmacist May Hate You (check my blogroll), turned me on to this one.  SOOOO FUNNY! 


      I’m not a fan of weed myself, but I do like politics and history, and this video made me laugh.  Who do you think did the best impersonation…?  I’m leaning towards Nixon and Obama.  The Obama actor really nailed the President’s diction.  

     This image courtesy of Animal Life, which is the best Twitter ever…

       And speaking of animals…I like this playful image a lot.  It’s not sexy, but it’s very…fun?  


4 thoughts on “Lazy Instructor Doesn’t Want to Lecture”

  1. “Whyyyyy do they not study when I tell them what will be on the test?”

    Oh dear. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt.

    They do not study because they have no intellectual curiosity, no love of knowledge for its own sake. They are hopelessly dumbed-down even if they are not dumb. If you find one or two who really love learning, then grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel. They will help to compensate you for the others.

    Does the vodka commercial mean that BDSM is the new ‘cool’ in the US? Can’t see it being aired in the UK (yet).

  2. I practically spoon-fed them the answers. If they still get it wrong, there is nothing I can do.

    I think that the vodka company used the dominatrix because they knew if would get people’s attention (and it did). It’s a very stereotypical image of a domme–angry whip-wielder. But God, it’s funny. “Stir! Faster!”

    I do like that the couple is Asian. You never see Asian men on TV. I also think the way that she gets the men to do the housework is kinda progressive.

    The bouncy client at 0.17 makes me laugh, too.

  3. Try this, give them a small test early in the semester, make it super crazy hard! Then after everyone bombs throw out a few questions so they do a bit better. Then you have their attention for future tests. It has worked for me beore but nothing is fool proof. Pun intended on me.

    1. Hi, Roy! Nice to see you again…

      The only thing that worries me about this is that it will scare them and make them all drop the class. Then my college might not renew my contract for the next semester…

      I don’t understand! I give them all the answers in lecture or in the readings! There are no surprises! And frankly, I teach an intro class–they’ve already had most of the material in High School!

      Throwing out a few questions is a good idea. A little mercy goes a long way sometimes. You just have to be sparing with it…

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