I Zapped a Client with a Stun Gun (For Real)

Just when I think I’ve seen it all….

     I had a session early this morning…a new guy.

     “What does he want?  And at 10 AM?” I asked the manager.

      “His email said that he was interested in electricity…something about electricity.” 

       “Great!” I said, cheered significantly.  I enjoy electroplay very much.  I use my TENs unit on myself at home all the time, and at the Studio we have all of these nifty gadgets to use on our clientele.  One of the most intense sessions of my career involved using an electrical sound and catheter on a Ukrainian physician (a urologist, believe it or not…he had this fantasy of being experimented on by a mad female scientist).  

       I met the man in consultation to discuss what we were going to do.

      It wasn’t what I was expecting…but I suppose you could call it electroplay.  

      He wanted me to pretend to be a jogger in the park.  He was going to run up behind me and try to grab me.  Then…

      ….I was going to zap him with a stun gun.

        Zap him with a stun gun. 

       I don’t think that I’ve been so stunned in consultation since the guy who brought in the ants.  

       He took out the stun gun, which was the size of a small television remote control, and showed me how to use it.  It shot blue electricity in between the metal prongs on the top and it crackled and made the air smell like ozone. 

      “Uh…are you sure that’s safe?  What if you have a heart attack?”

       “Oh, that won’t happen.  I’m healthy and I’ve done this before!”

       I was curious about the circumstances–was this in session, or had he really been zapped by a jogger?–but suddenly decided that I didn’t want to know the answer.

      “Well, just to be safe, I’m going to zap you on your thigh and not your torso,” I said.  “Keep the electricity away from your heart.”

       “But that’s not how a real jogger would do it!”

      Oh my god, I thought. 

      “Would you please write a note absolving me of personal responsibility in the event of your injury?”

       “Sure, but it wouldn’t hold up in court.  I went to law school.”

      “Of course you did.”  

       (As an aside…in my experience, the three kinkiest professions are 1) physicians and dentists, by a mile; 2) Wall Street Finance Creatures; and 3) lawyers.  I also get a lot of professors, but I think that is because they recognize me as their own.  I’ve discussed this phenomenon with other dommes at the Studio.  We attract clientele similar to ourselves.  Birds of a feather, and all that).

     I went to the locker room and changed into yoga pants, a hoodie, and sneakers.  I put the stun gun in the pocket of my hoodie.  The hoodie bore the mascot of my undergrad alma mater.  Oh my god, if my professors could see me now…

     We went to the largest room and I started to jog laps.  

     This is so fucking weird, I thought.

       He ran up behind me but didn’t touch me right away.  He followed behind me for five or six laps.  I had my earbuds in (remember, this is theater), but no music on.

      Then he rushed up and grabbed my upper arm.

       “Get away from me!  Leave me alone!” I yelled, turning on him while fishing the stun gun out of my pocket.  

      I zapped him on his side, close to his hip.

     He screamed.  He screamed, dude.   That scared the hell out of me, so I screamed too.  We both screamed together.  

       He fell down and kicked his legs.  It was like a spasm.  It reminded me of the time I saw someone having a seizure. 

      He recovered quickly and we examined his t-shirt.  The stun gun left holes in his t-shirt.  The air smelled briefly like burning hair…like when singe your hair with a blowdryer…but the gun didn’t leave significant marks…just two tiny red dots.

       Start to finish, the session was over with in 20 minutes.  I offered to do another round (I was going to try to get some of my friends to come in and see it), but he couldn’t take any more.  

      He tipped me $40.  All’s well that ends well. 

5 thoughts on “I Zapped a Client with a Stun Gun (For Real)”

  1. Hi Margo,

    (As an aside…in my experience, the three kinkiest professions are 1) physicians and dentists, by a mile; 2) Wall Street Finance Creatures; and 3) lawyers.

    Might you be seeing some kind of bias based on income here. I have to believe that if public school teachers, truck drivers and bank tellers were paid as much as the professions listed above you would see just as many of them.


    1. Hi Mike!

      I think it’s totally possible…I mean, my clients are not a cross-sampling of the general population. It’s an expensive service, so naturally many of my clients are well-off financially.

      BUT, in my experience, kink is not something that is evenly distributed among the population, or professions. Certain types of people are attracted to certain types of professions. Guys like the Surgeon are not going to go into Social Work. The literature suggests that people who are attracted to power and prestige, or who are functional law-abiding sociopaths, or risk-takers (and kinky people ARE risk-takers), are attracted to certain professions.

      But then, I’m a bleeding-heart lefty, and I’m here, too. So, what do I know?

      Interesting proposition, Mike. I wish there was a way to test it…

      As always, thanks for reading.

  2. LMAO! My boy *loves* electrical play! At a party someone had a stun gun, and even though he was afraid of it, I asked the woman who had the stung gun if she would use it on him. She did and he laughed and rolled around on the ground in ecstasy. She didnt push the prongs into him, just ran his arm through the spark stream. Sooooooo to make a long story short (too late!) now I own two stun guns. LOL If nothing else they are good theater

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