Best Cartoons Ever

       I must be getting my period or something, because I just cried my eyes out over this video.  It has a happy ending, but jeez, was I ever sad for that little ugly ducking (swanling?)!  It was awful to see him rejected by his parents!  His mom hated him because he made her look bad in front of the father.  And he was so cute!  The cutest little cartoon baby swan!  It ripped my heart out when he thought that the wooden decoy duck could accept him! When he cuddled with it! And when he thought that the mother swan wouldn’t want him at 7:50, so he was like ‘okay, I’ll just leave.’  And crying at his own reflection because he thinks he’s ugly! Break out your hankies!

Oh my gawd, alll of the feels!

And it got 1,483 “dislikes” on YouTube!  What the fuck?!  Who could possibly dislike this video?  This cartoon would melt my landlord’s heart!

The only way that it could be better is to show his transformation into a beautiful handsome swan. 

      I like this one, too.  Flying whales!  What an amazing concept!  They’re so beautiful and that little whale calf is the cutest guy!  I like how he was trapped in the glacier and his parents helped to guide him out of it.  

     The first video has the original score, which is best, but the second video has the entire scene, so you can follow his entire journey.



        I also spent 30 minutes trying to get Parrot to pose with the stack of money I made at the Studio this week (business really picked up, thank God…but I had a session with a guy who looked exactly like Bat Boy, and I cannot get the visuals out of my mind.  Bat Boy tipped me $100, though, so that was cool).  I want to submit a picture of her to the Tits and Sass blog for their ‘Dogs and Dollars’ feature.  Though I suppose with Parrot, it would be Birds and Bills. 

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