Imaginary Boyfriends: Movie Bad Guys Edition


      I’ll put a theme on this one: favorite movie bad guys.

       Bill the Butcher, from The Gangs of New York.  The movie was deeply flawed (the soundtrack!  What was Scorsese thinking? And though he is a perfectly decent actor, DiCaprio was horribly miscast here), but he stole the show.  

       What I like in this scene is that she’s afraid.  They’ve done this dance before, so she shouldn’t be scared…she knows that he’s pushing it.  Messing with her; intimidating her.

      Sam Rothstein.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s the perfect man (aside from being mobbed up.  I wouldn’t mess with that).   And I empathize with him because he falls in love with dirtbags.  Ginger was the worst person in the world in this movie. And it’s too bad, because in the beginning, she was cool.  It takes a lot of talent to be a successful, popular hoe like that. Sharon Stone nailed it. 

       Frank from Once Upon a Time in the West.  I was glad to see him die at the end, though, because he was a total freak.  A total sadistic freak.  If I met him in real life I wouldn’t like him because he’s a crazy sadistic mofo who murders women and children, but I have to admit that I’m fascinated by the way he fucks with people in this film.  The tension in the scene where he rapes Claudia (and yes, he did rape her, even though she was cooperating…she didn’t really want to do it, it was all an act), you can feel her terror as she scrambles to save her ass.  The terror, to be in the vicinity of someone like that.  (I’m always amazed at the way morons, almost all of whom are male, misread that scene.  They get all affronted that she slept with the man who killed her family and was threatening to kill her!  Like, what would you do if this guy showed up at your door?  Kill yourself like an honor killing before you’d allow him to rape you?  What are you, a fanatical muslim?  You’d sleep with him too, if he wanted, and you’re a dude!)

      Sergio Leone had to have been terrorized as a child.  The way that he captures the helplessness.  Children are practically slaves.  It’s terrible.

      He looks like my father, Franz Adler, at 1:30.

       DONALD RUMSFELD!  He is such a bastard!  A 24-carat, solid gold bastard!  A sarcastic, smug, loathsome jerk.  And he went to Princeton, so you know that’s half of his problem right there.

      I’d fuck him.  Once.  

      He probably murders prostitutes on his days off.  

      Jack Nicholson’s character, Darrel (sp?), in The Witches of Eastwick. That movie was so funny.  So, so funny.  What made it so hilarious is that Nicholson was completely gross.  Completely gross!  Not to mention absurd, which is the worst, least sexy thing a man can be!  With that stupid halfassed pony tail and his servant with a turban!  GROSS!  He’s like some sleazy pickup artist!  If I was caught in public with him, I’d die of shame.  

      I’d do him.  Once.  


17 thoughts on “Imaginary Boyfriends: Movie Bad Guys Edition”

  1. I’m pretty sure I remember an interview with the late Henry Fonda in which he talked about why Sergio Leone had so badly wanted him for the bad guy role in ‘Once Upon a Time….’

    Fonda’s screen presence incarnated the image of everything that is decent in the American psyche.

    Leone already had the traumatic first scene plotted in his mind – the child forced by Frank to participate in the hanging of his own father.

    And as psycho Frank stands there orchestrating this dreadful scene of brutality, grinning, Leone apparently wanted the audience to go into total shock, like, “Jesus Christ! That’s Henry Fonda!”.

    1. Hi!

      I was unfamiliar with Fonda’s reputation in the culture (it was before my time). I had to go look it up.

      Casting him as Frank was an excellent decision. He stole the show. He really frightened me.

      Thanks for reading! And I intend to respond to your email soon. I’ve been working a lot. Or trying to.

    2. I don’t think that I really qualify as a hybristophiliac, as criminals revolt and frustrate me, but I am excited by fear, and the men I’ve fallen in love with have a significant Will to Power.

      I’d change it if I could. Believe me, I’ve spent a lot of money trying to change my programming. I know exactly why I ended up this way, and I don’t like it.

      Men are killers.

    3. Margo , if it helps,I;ve always been excited my bad girls and get really turned on by women inmates.I’m just weird, I guess

    4. Oh, I understand. I hear it from clients at work all the time. It is very common.

      We’re all weird. That’s why we’re here, on this weird little slice of blog.

  2. I love the scene in Witches when jack/Darryl is blown into the church and goes into a rant about god and women,very funny.

  3. not familiar with the other movies but i love “once upon a time in the west”. great movie. i agree with your observations on sadistic frank, miss margo.
    love the theme song. i bought it on itunes. lol

  4. You and I have polar opposite tastes in men. LOL

    I like the “pretty boys”. Think Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire, Orlando Bloom as Legolas, etc.

    1. Different strokes for different folks, lol. I don’t really care if they’re not handsome. In fact, I tend not to trust very good-looking men.

      thanks for reading! I like to get comments from women.

  5. Haven’t yet seen any of the films you listed, but I remember watching Donald Rumsfeld at press conferences some years ago and being very intrigued by him.

    Sharp, arrogant men have always appealed to me… Alec Baldwin (especially in character as “Jack Donaghy”), for example. That sort of counts as a bad guy, right? :p

    Probably my favourite “true” villain at the moment, though, is “The Governor”, as portrayed by David Morrissey. Totally mesmerizing.

    1. Howdy, Finnea! I’ve seen you in the comment at Craven.

      Rumsfeld is the epitome of smarmy arrogance. I hate him, but he was tremendously entertaining to watch on television. I just couldn’t believe the gall of the bastard. It was like he was playing a joke, or something.

      I’ll look up The Governor. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

      Thank you for reading. Please drop by any time!


    2. Thanks, Miss Margo 🙂 Your blog is very interesting… never seen one quite like it before!

      The Governor is a character from AMC’s zombie apocalypse series, “The Walking Dead” (not everyone’s cup of tea, I know), and I’ve heard that he becomes downright cheesy and ridiculous partway through the third season. Oh well, for now I’ll enjoy him and try not to think about the coming decline, lol.

      Reading over your list again makes me want to rent “Once Upon A Time In The West”. I’ve heard people mention it often, but never really thought to go find it.

    3. Some of my friends, including my Canadian colleague who sometimes posts in comments, really like the Walking Dead. I’ll check it out at Netflix.

      Thanks for your compliments on my blog! It is indeed a strange little blog, as it takes after its author.

      Be careful where you read it, though…I don’t know if you’ve dug through the archives, but while most of it is rated “R” or less, there is some controversial sexual content here which might not be safe to read at work or other sensitive places. I am very careful about where I access or write the blog.

      “Once upon a time in the west” is a great film. It is a slow burner, though…I don’t think it would be made today. You can find it streaming on Netflix and YouTube…and Amazon streaming, I believe.

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