Ex Urbe and Lake Konigssee

     I’ve linked to a new blog:  Ex Urbe

        The author is an anonymous academic historian living and conducting research in Italy.  His writing is a pleasure; it is very clear, as well as emotive and persuasive.  He is an awesome tour guide.  I’ve lurked on his blog for months and learned many new things, and I appreciate that this gentlemen shares so much of his knowledge with the public, for free.  He has the teaching spirit of one of my intellectual heroes and Dad Crushes, Ben Franklin!  

      What’s the Walt Whitman quote…?

      “….I have stores plenty and to spare,
And any thing I have I bestow.”

       This blogger bestows.  He is generous in spirit. 

        If you are ever in New York, Ex Urbe author, please email me.  I would like to take you to dinner.  I hope you don’t mind being linked to on my blog.  

      Know what else I found…?  

        I love the desert best of all, but after the desert I like mountains.  I like Alpine lakes and fresh waters.  Fjords.  

       I would do anything to visit this lake.  My mother’s maternal side is from the south, so it’s possible I have distant relatives there.  

        So beautiful.  The first time I went to Europe, I went to Madrid.  My mother gave it to me as a gift for graduating college–it was an expensive trip, and my graduation was a big deal in the family.  

         I couldn’t believe the beauty–and Madrid is charming and fun, but no great shakes compared to many other European cities.  But I was captivated by the splendor.  I’d never seen such beauty in my life.  Almost all the buildings in my home town are less than 60 years old.  In Madrid, I was exploring history.  The Prado, the Botanical Garden.  We went to to Toledo and oh God was it beautiful.  It was from a fairy tale.  A fairy tale city. The wall.  

        I don’t think Europeans appreciate what they have.  The Germans had the best of everything, and look what they did to it. 

         This is Lake Konigssee.  I think it could be the most beautiful place on earth.  I don’t like the ocean, but I trust freshwater.  I love lakes and rivers and the special fish which inhabit them.  My brother fly-fishes in mountain streams and brings us back trout to eat.



4 thoughts on “Ex Urbe and Lake Konigssee”

  1. Nice to see that there are still places on the interent where people are sharing stuff free, gratis and for nothing.

    I bet this person is a good teacher. S/he clearly loves learning and loves sharing that learning with others. (Obvious, but not always the case – even for tenured academics).

    And in an age of increasing instrumentalism, it’s nice to remember that good teaching is all about love.

  2. The author of Ex Urbe is almost certainly a man. I’ve seen his hands in a few of his photos, and history is still a field dominated by men, in my observation. Talk about a labor of love! I don’t know how it is in Europe, but in American public colleges the administration funds History departments $0.12 annually.

    It really is a fantastic blog. I love his “Spot the Saint” series the best. He also turned me on to a new TV series about the Borgias…not the Showtime one.

    Many professors hate to teach and would like to stick exclusively to research or to teach only graduate students. Me, I like teaching, even though my students make me want to tear my hair out sometimes, but I’m in the community college ghetto, which is like being at the Alamo.

    1. Thanks for the head’s up! I thought it was a guy because I never saw nail polish or jewelry on the hands or wrists…

      Her blog is great; I love it. I will go back and edit the writing so that the gender is feminine.

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