You, Too, Can Make Money Babysitting Idiot Cokeheads

    Unfortunately, I decided that I had to pull the blog post about Vlad.  It occurred to me when I was almost done with the story (and it really is a good story–too bad I can’t share it) that posting it online would be idiotic.  There are journalists all over Russia who have been, shall we say, reprimanded for writing about Russian “businessmen.”  

     The long and short of it is that Vlad asked me out and Farbissina did him a favor and put me in a position where I had to run an errand for the dungeon with him.  We took his car and ended up in a “private nightclub” in Brighton Beach that looked like it was decorated by Saddam Hussein.   

      I’m going to try to get out of this one by saying that I have a boyfriend, but something tells me that Vlad is not going to be deterred by that excuse.   Something tells me that Vlad is going to say something along the lines of “I don’t care.”  

      I’ll think of something.

      I pulled another night shift and was disappointed because it was a very slow night and I hate being stuck there at 2 AM with the night shift crazies and not having any money to show for it.

       But then…then the bars closed, and our ship came in.

       An independent domme and her client came in at 3:30 AM.  They hired me and three others for an hour, and then extended another hour.

        The session was a shitshow.  I can’t really describe it because we didn’t do much.  We didn’t do much because both of them were out of their minds on cocaine.   When they’re out of their minds on drugs, they are paying you to basically babysit them.

       The dude wasn’t much trouble.  He kept trying to wander around whenever my back was turned, as if he was in his living room or something, so we tied him to a table and that took care of that.  He didn’t care as long as people were talking to him and paying attention.  And giving him more drugs, of course.  I had to cut him off so that he wouldn’t OD.  That would be great, a dead body on the table.  I had one of my friends get some pedialyte from the drug store to keep him hydrated.  

        The woman was the problem.  She was too high.  She was incoherent and couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than 10 seconds.  It was really ugly.  You should have seen her when she thought she lost her drugs.  We were tearing the place apart looking for her stash (I thought for sure that one of the other dommes must have ripped her off) while she flipped out like Whitney Houston.  Then she found it in her handbag, right where she said it was supposed to be, the dumbass.  

        I have no idea why some people love coke.  It’s never appealed to me.  

        They kept extending.  I guess they didn’t want to go home.  Eventually we got every domme in the house in there.  I have no idea how much money the guy spent to be baby-sat by a bunch of women in fetish clothes for four hours.  Thousands of dollars.  But he had it on him in cash, so it was his (bad) decision to make.  

3 thoughts on “You, Too, Can Make Money Babysitting Idiot Cokeheads”

  1. Hi

    I very seldom work nights. I really hate it. But, my two other jobs are out for summer, and necessity compelled it.

    I’m glad you enjoy the stories. I try to have a sense of humor about all this craziness. My friend Advo likes the humor, too.


  2. glad you mentioned that you had deleted that post, I was beginning to think I had dreamt that I read it. I continue to follow and enjoy your posts!!!

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