Skool Makes You Sooper Smartt: Please Pass the Hemlock

   I love Happy Bunny!

   I tell my students that I am happy to meet with them and help them work on their essays prior to turning them in (they take me up on this offer maybe once or twice a semester).  

    Well, this morning some twit had the nerve to email his paper to me as an attachment and write “Please edit this and correct spelling errors by Thursday.  Thanks.”

    I went to college for 11 years for this.

     My students have many issues which impede their academic success.  Privilege and entitlement are seldom among them.  I teach my people: the working class and middling bright. They are rude, but not like this.  This is the sort of thing I’d expect from a frat boy at my first school.  

     I’m not going to respond until I’ve cooled off.  He needs to be put in his place, but I can’t be too snide or abrasive.  It’s unprofessional and an abuse of authority to treat students with disrespect, however much they deserve it sometimes.  

     Must.  Calm.  Down.  SERENITY NOW!  I’ll go get Parrot and put her on my desk.  She always makes me feel better.


          These people have the cutest Indian Ringneck parrot in the world.  

       One of my readers, Mike, identified the uniforms in the previous blog post as being from the film War Horse, set in World War I.  

       My opinion is that the movie generally sucked–Spielberg is very emotionally manipulative and sentimental, though he has produced some excellent work–but there was one great scene that justified the price of admission: the horse running through the trenches. 

       I’ve never seen anything like it.

      Note, in the beginning, the juxtaposition between the horse and the tank.  The horse is the only life, surrounded by all that metal.  It’s like when John Steinbeck describes the tractor and the tractor-driver as being all armor and metal before it bulldozes down a hour in opening pages of The Grapes of Wrath. 

      We empathize with the horse because he becomes the avatar for the plight of the soldiers. 

      I also found this scene, which is beautiful to look at but seems unrealistic to me.  I understand the decision to not show the carnage and dead screaming horses flopping all of the ground…but would they really attack the German camp with swords?  In that day and age?  I thought they phased that shit out before the Revolutionary War.  

     When did rich dudes who could afford it stop learning fencing and swordsmanship?  

     I’ll look that up today. 

      And check out this time capsule!  God, the footage!  

    This lucky man has the most beautiful husky dogs in the world and his house and kid are pretty awesome, too.  I watch all of his YouTube videos with an odd mixture of joy and grating envy.  I wish I was there and playing with his dogs and he was making me pancakes!  Why can’t I be normal like that?

6 thoughts on “Skool Makes You Sooper Smartt: Please Pass the Hemlock”

  1. “I understand the decision to not show the carnage and dead screaming horses flopping all of the ground…but would they really attack the German camp with swords? In that day and age? “

    Yes, because the generals who gave the orders only had experience of colonial wars fought in faraway places against under-armed opposition.

    They had no inkling that the machine gun “the concentrated essence of infantry” was a complete paradigm-changer, and that one man, well dug-in, could keep a couple of battalions at bay.

    That’s why the men who actually did the fighting were regarded as “lions led by donkeys”.

    You migh like to read the poems of Siegfried Sassoon and his “Memoirs of a Foxhunting Man”.

  2. Hello, GOSwitch!

    Thanks for the dropping by and thanks for the comment.

    I’ve read many first person (primary source) accounts from soldiers in both World Wars grousing about being led by 19th century dinosaurs…but I didn’t consider the influence of colonization/imperialism on European military science. Obviously American parochialism on my part.

    I’ve found you on Femdom Resource and I admire your tumblr. You are quite bright. Would you mind if I linked to your tumblr on my blog…? You won’t get much traffic from it, alas, but I like to promote work I appreciate in any way I can.

    Thank you for reading.


    1. You are officially linked. I hope my 8 readers enjoy your tumblr. Tumblr is much more hip than blogspot. You may be a grumpy old switch, but you are much cooler than I.

      I am glad that you like my blog. It is a labor of love. Sometimes I like to do a qualitative analysis of my writing and see what themes emerge.

      Speaking of qualitative analysis…you strike me as an academic. Am I wrong? I could be, of course, but usually I can identify my peeps at a hundred paces.

      If I’m correct: what’s your field? If you would rather not post publicly, you can email me at

  3. Hi Margo

    I agree with you about Spielberg being sappy and sentimental. I lot of other people have said the same thing. On the other hand Jaws, Sugarland Express and the Omaha Beach scene from Saving Private Ryan are all really good.

    A good WW I movie is Gallipoli starring a young Mel Gibson before he got all Christy. Funny how Hollywood has all but ignored WW I, while making a gazillion movies about WW II and Vietnam. I suspect that is because the US arrived rather late on the scene and really only helped deliver the knockout blow.

    Finally—now you have made me want to go out and get a husky dog too.


    1. Hi Mike!

      My favorite Spielberg are Munich and Shindler’s List. Munich was a damn fine film and kinda underrated. And wow, did it look good.

      I will look up Gallipoli. Might watch it at the dungeon this weekend if it’s slow.

      Mel Gibson…that fucking abusive freak. Remember those raging rants he left on this girlfriend’s voicemail? The media only played the racist one, but IMO, the others were much worse. He sounded just like my Restraining Order Ex, John.

      And yeah, he’s Christy…Catholic the way Catholics were 500 years ago. Contemporary Islam has nothing on old-timey Christianity.

      Those two huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen. Especially Miska, the dark one.

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