Shopping for Boots

     I’ve been shopping for Weimar Berlin Boot Girl boots!  I can’t find anything super authentic–fashion has moved on–but I found some lace-up pairs that could work.

     When I run around town I almost always wear flat boots with horseshoe heel plates.  I have to buy the plates online and have them installed by my local cobbler, an elderly orthodox Jewish fellow whose shop is full of shoes and, curiously, house plants.  He is always grouchy, but if you compliment him on his plants, he lights up inside.  He takes pride in his gardening skills.  

     Anyway, I like the horseshoe plates because I read that soldiers wore them on their boots in WWI.  They also produce a nice staccato click when I walk down the street, or on hard floors if I’m wearing the boots in a session.  It sounds martial.  And, being metal, the plates are very effective in saving the heels of my shoes.  

     I’d like my Weimar Boot Girl boots to be flat or kitten-heeled, but they have to be sexy enough to wear in session regularly.  So…heels it must be.

      These are the top contenders!

#1 Sam Edelman Knox boot


     They’re pricy–I seldom pay this much for shoes–but they’ll never go out of style and good domme clothes are always a good investment.  I love the hidden platform.  I’d replace the black buckle with a white one.  

#2  Rocket Dog Savannah


          More classic-looking, and the price is right.  The heels wouldn’t kill me, and I’d had that leather band around the top replaced with white or probably cream-colored leather (pale silver could work, too).  Buuut….might not be sexy enough for the doodz.

#3  Born Estelle

      I already own two pairs of Equestrian boots, but I love them (and so do some clients) and these have laces!  These are kinda expensive too, but they look like quality.  You could get an almost patent-leather shine on these.  And I like to have bright shiny boots!  Replace the buckle with a white one or add a white leather strip at the top–I have long legs and the boot shaft never goes up to my knee anyway–or else replace the tongue under the laces with white leather.

#4  Rocket Dog Beany

    A bit gaudy, but what the hell.  Sadomasochism isn’t subtle.  I kinda like the brass-tone grommits.  I’d replace the top leather belt with a white or cream-colored one.  Cream leather would look best with the brass.  

#5  Seduce Lace Up Ankle Boots

     I like this one, but it looks a bit like a witch boot.  

 Stetson 15″ Ombre Harness Snip Toe Boot

     These boots are not Weimar Boot Girl boots, but I am in love with them and if I had a zillion bucks I would buy them tomorrow.  Oh god!  want want want greeeeeeeed

11 thoughts on “Shopping for Boots”

  1. Well, aside from groping, I do not have fetishes. This being said, #1 or #3 seem like the best choice. The last ones would be truer to your upbringing.

  2. Groping is not a fetish unless you’re assaulting strange women on the train…and I know you’re not.

    I’m in love with those Western boots and I’m seriously contemplating purchasing them, price be damned. I even have jingle bob spurs.

    I would never use spurs on a horse…but I would use them on a man.

    And yeah, 1 and 3 seem like the best to me, too.

  3. Hi Mike!

    I’m a boot fetishist too. Unfortunately (for me), the only time men wear them is when dressed in some sort of uniform.

    I have no idea what makes them so hot. Probably the association with authority. Or, at least, the enforcement of law.

    There is something about…crushing.

    Am starting to drool, so I should check out now. But thanks for the input. And yes, tight jeans or tight cutoff denim shorts for in the cowboy boots would be quite sexy.

  4. What I find incredibly hot is someone who is really into their boots. For example, I know this woman who is ex-army and she wears these army boots that she is totally into. The boots must be laced just so and the only time she’ll let the boots get dirty is if she knows that a slave is going to clean them for her. Having her care so much about the boots makes them irresistible to me.

    As for me, when I go to fetish events I also where a pair of black, steel-toe army-style boots, or a pair of riding boots over jodpur(?) military riding pants. The pants are part of a 70’s era East German military officers uniform. Sometimes I’ll wear the whole uniform, including the cap.

    I love boots on dominant women because it makes for lots of leather to worship and clean with my tongue.

  5. I would love to see that uniform! Sounds hawt!

    I wish they made more boot fetish video. There’s a little out there, but it seems to be primarily a gay leather interest.

    I briefly connected with an English guy I found on YouTube. He’d culled and posted these short video clips of movie femmes fatale and villains wearing boots. This guy was a true fetishist; I recognized him from a mile away.

    I made a video for him of me walking–marching, I guess–on the hardwood floors of my apartment in a pencil skirt and my best equestrian boots. The video only showed me from the waist down. In the video, I also stamped a framed painting with my boot. And some flowers. See how that works? Without narration or context, he has to make up a story to explain why I’m stomping the painting. Was it a gift I was rejecting? My own painting that ultimately disappointed me? The work of an artist I hated? What’s going on here?

    The English guy went nuts. Oh my god, he was so happy. He was like, “CAN I SHOW MY FRIENDS?!?!?” God only knows what weird online boot fetish groups he belongs to. lol.

    Miss Margo: I’m Big in England! lol lol

  6. Dear Miss Margo,

    I saw this post when it went up, but had to calm down before I could comment. I would go with 3 or 4. I love boots but boots that are too fetishy, the thigh highs with extreme heels, are not threatening to me. I do fetishize legs, so I find thigh highs attractive. But if a woman cannot walk, then I am not intimidated.

    Boots without heels, on the other hand, drive me wild. Doc Martens or boots like those equestrian boots make me quiver inside. Those boots turn a woman’s feet into weapons. The thought of a woman approaching me with those boots and that certain swagger . . . my oh my.

    I once did a scene with a woman in Doc Martens. She was tall, like 5’10”, so she frequently would forgo the heels. I was lying on the floor and she walked around me, stomping down unexpectedly – by my head, at my crotch, wherever. Each time, I jerked involuntarily. It was very hot, and I still remember it vividly.


  7. Hi John;

    I’m with you. Boots are hot as hell. I guess they drive everyone wild–I can’t believe how many hits this post has gotten.

    “But if a woman cannot walk, then I am not intimidated.” This should be a PSA.

    And based upon my completely unscientific research, leg men are the classiest men.

    The Surgeon used to say that my best features were my legs and my face. Though he did rave over my tits, too.

    When I get a pair of these boots, I’ll post photos. It’ll have to wait till I get my first paycheck from my teaching job. Though if I was a domme worthy of the name, I’d have a slave buy them for me.

    Thanks for reading.

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