Pulp Art: What is Going On Here?

    What’s that old-school psychological test where they show you pictures of people engaged in various activities, and then you are required to make up a story explaining the motivations of the people in picture? The Thematic Apperception Test?

     I’m not a huge Tumblr fan, but boy, you can find all sorts of images there.  Look at some of this noir pulp art.  I like to try to figure out the story behind the pictures.

     Like this one: is this lady pawning a piece of her jewelry?  If so, why?  She looks well-off.  Did she steal it?

 And in the world is happening here?  Is “Lucky Johnny” here stealing money out of this woman’s high-heeled shoe?  Is he paying her for the shoe?  Does she look concerned to you?  She looks concerned to me!  

This chick is in trouble and doesn’t know it yet.  The man and the woman helping her with her coat/shrug are in cahoots.  They’re up to something.

He’s either delivering bad news or else he’s someone she was really hoping she would never see again:

     This one is my favorite!  I looked at it for five minutes, trying to figure out what was going on.  My initial impression was that it looked like a cop just checking out a young couple who were fooling around in the dark…I’ve had that happen to me a few times when I was younger.  However, they’re both fully clothed and there’s a fence in between them.  And what’s she holding in her hand?

      She doesn’t look surprised, whatever’s happening.  He doesn’t, either.

       Maybe the cop is her family member?  Like her dad?

        “A New Johnny Liddell Mystery.”  Riiiiight.  So the question is: is the dude the man who murdered that blonde on the sofa, or is he the hard-boiled private eye who came to investigate the crime scene afterward?  Is he the woman’s boyfriend who came to her place and found her like that?

      Men’s “detective” magazines.  So weird.  I probably would have been a fan, though. 

8 thoughts on “Pulp Art: What is Going On Here?”

  1. Dear Miss Margo,
    These are some great old pulp pics. I occasionally find stuff like this at yard/moving sales. I don’t know if they might actually be worth anything.
    I found this link and immediately thought of you! perfectpolly pet.com
    I’ve commented on your postings before, but the site always labels me “anonymous” so you might have me mixed up with some other “anonymous”. So I’ll sign myself out as

  2. Thanks, Downlow!

    I see the way it seems that the men are making eye contact. That is the source of the confrontation, mayhap.

    Thank you for reading my blog! I like your comments. Please feel free to comment again!


  3. The men are fighting over possession of her. The cop, the parental possession/protection of his (suddenly a young woman) daughter, and the attractive suitor who feels protection/possession of his soon to be young wife. She is in a tough spot, but she is nearer to the young man, for that is where her future lies, but she also loves her father and doesn’t want to hurt him, which is why she can’t look at him. I think she’s holding a wine bottle in a gift bad, though I don’t know why.

    Margo, I love your blog! It’s so rich and creative and conveys the part insanity, part glamor, part conviction that seems to be your life. I love your ethics and morals, and also the times you take the beating, as well as the times you give the beating.

  4. Hi Downlow;

    I can see the wine bottle in the gift bag, now that you point it out, but I think it’s really just her skirt.

    I don’t know what to make of her. She looks sulky, but also defiant. Whatever’s going on, she knew that this could happen.

    The Suitor looks a lot like the Mathematician, actually. Or is that just my projection, lol.

    Thank you for your compliments on my blog. I am glad that you enjoy it. I enjoy writing it!

    I could use a good beating. I haven’t had a proper one since Abduction Weekend.

    Glamour, glamour…it’s weird. I get to touch it…but I don’t keep it. I only pass through it. I have maximum freedom. Am only one step away from being a literal Soldier of Fortune.

    But I have nothing. I could sell almost all of my possessions at a garage sale. I’m better off than I was a year ago, grovelling to the Surgeon for help from the locker room at a goddamned NUDIE BAR.

    The Conviction: I’ve got that, definitely. Part of me is made out of metal. I suppose I get it from my Mother.

    I should save this for another post.

    Thank you for reading, Downlow. It’s always a pleasure.

  5. I wish you’d think about attending The Floating World in NJ this coming August. Though it might be a bit like a Busman’s Holiday, you might really enjoy it. There are lots of classes taught by top people on every imaginable bdsm subject. If you volunteer at the event, you can attend for $10, and volunteering is fun and helps you meet people.

    There are almost no pro’s there and no NYC pro’s in my experience (maybe a couple from the Philly area), but there’s tons of play. Lots and lots of play. You want a beating? You’ll find one there, and more. Assuming you volunteer, the only thing you pay for is food and hotel, but find a roommate (which I can help with, email me if interested) and it’ll end up being a very cheap weekend away.

    Anyway…I love the blog. I look for it everyday.

  6. Busman’s Holiday…quaint phrase.

    I dunno…fetish conventions are usually very hit-or-miss for me. I’ve been to TESFest and found it dreadful. Like, so bad that I was hiding in my hotel room.

    On the other hand, I’ve been to some excellent parties. Suspension, in NYC, is probably the best. I had a great session with a guy I purchased at auction for charity…

    I need to get my ass back on Fetlife, but social networking is such a bummer for me.

    I’ll look at Floating World. I’ve heard women at the Studio say good things about it.

  7. Suspension is great because the people are pretty and the outfits are great. I’ve seen some top notch play at Suspension. Rope work, of course, and spanking, but also some really sadistic stuff.

    TFW and other events (I’ve not been to TES Fest because it’s over the July 4th weekend) are “lifestyle” events and, to be sure, the people are not as pretty. There are some pretty people there, but the attendees are of a much greater variety in terms of age and body type. I’m not sure what turned you off about TES Fest…where you being hassled by do-me “subs”? There are lots of classes and lots of places to play — everything from stapling to pony to suspension…everything.

    My Fetlife name is the same as here. Message or Friend me if you want.

    Finally: much as I want to, I can’t vote for the Surgeon. He is what he is and never hid it, I believe. You can’t blame someone for being as-advertised if you choose to stay, and he did come through for you when you needed it. No, the lying scumbag Math guy keeps my vote. And I could never vote for you! I think you are many things, but an Asshole is not one of them.

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