I Haz $$$???

      Sorry I haven’t been blogging…

      …..I was too busy making money! 

        BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Bet you never thought you’d hear me say something like that!

        Seriously, though, I’ve been hustling my ass off, and I’m sick of working so hard with nothing to show for it.  Academia’s not paying, so I’m hiring a career counselor who specializes in helping career academics find work in other fields.  I’m going to have to quit at the Studio before I make the leap…but I’m only there one or two shifts a week now anyway.  The money is in independent work.

        This is what I’ve made so far this month at my Secret Job.  Don’t get too excited; most of it has already been sucked up by the IRS and my student loans.  But at least my fuckin phone isn’t blowing up from 1-800 and 1-866 numbers now.  Assholes.  It really does take a certain type of wretched human being to be a bill collector and harass someone over a $68 debt, you know (Empire Fitness Gym.  DO NOT patronize them)?  And you can go suck it too, Capital One! I’m done with you! 

        Client names are, of course, aliases.

Golf player: $360
Fred Flintstone: $400
Fred Flintstone: $400
Equestrian Bill: $60
Tuscany Hotel Dude: $400
SuperStudio Session: $105
SuperStudioSessionThursday: $545
Diabetic UES Guy: $500
Fred Flintstone: $400
GermanSadistFromFrankfurt: $280
European in a Sweater: $85
Sad Divorced Dad: $600

      Yes, my friends, after approximately three years of working off and on in this business, I am finally, finally, FINALLY making money.  What boggles my mind is that I could make this without stripping or being an escort. 

     I have a big date with Fortinbras around the corner, too.  That’s a whole other blog entry I’m still working on.  What a rigmarole that was.  Thanks to all the readers who wrote it–I’ll quote you in my blog post.  

    God, did I ever dodge a bullet with Fortinbras.  You’d think, after the Mathematician, I’d know better (I still hate him every day, btw).  This Daddy complex I have is the bane of my fuckin existence.  I don’t know how I’m going to find a decent partner till I get over it.

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