Toil & Trouble

    Thank you to the readers who sent me birthday greetings!  They meant a lot to me.

    Hectic week.  The semester is almost over and the slackers in my class have suddenly realized that they need to pull a miracle out of their asses in order to pass.  

     Lo, what is that strange apparition yonder, at the end of the hallway…?
     Is that….?

     Is that a student coming to my office hours for “help?”

     Teaching has kept me busy, but it will be over with soon, and then I’ll have a little break.

      I’ve also been writing.  A lot.  Not on this blog, obviously, even though I’ve had a plenty of things worth blogging about (I’ll try to get to them this morning).  

       I have been researching and composing a minor work of what I hope will qualify as true-crime journalism.  Nothing operatic–the essential facts of the case, sadly, are already sensational.  It is the story of a family whose beloved canine was stolen, sold, and eventually killed under hideous circumstances.  The perpetrator of this strange and senseless crime is a deeply unlikable young woman with a puzzling constellation of psychological disorders and several dead dogs to her credit. The grief-stricken family’s effort to bring her to justice produces shocking courtroom drama, as well.  Yes, yes, quite a story! My piece will be released on a different blog to which I am an occasional contributor.  If I am proud of it, I’ll publish in here on my little blog, as well.   

      I am trying to utilize my talent for this one.  To make my prose artful and my findings…ahhh…persuasive.  Cause it’s a hit piece. 
Not a drive-by, either.  I am going to get Mossad on this awful person.  Mossad post-Munich, if you catch my drift.

      I need to go back to working on it.

      First, though…to inject a little titillation into this boring-ass blog entry…

    ….C bought me my piece of awesome domme gear for going on the date with Alec! lol lol 

      I wear it with black snakeskin boots with gold buckles.  I really like it.  Yeah, it’s impractical, but sometimes you have to treat yourself, amirite?  Or have someone treat you, as the case may be.

      Now, in a case like this, a thoughtful try-to-be feminist like myself confronts a dilemma: I want to show you my cool metal bra (and, because it fits within the greater narrative of this blog, I don’t think it counts as totally tasteless exhibitionism), but is it more or less objectifying to myself to just show my chest….?  Thoughtful, conflicted pseudo-intellectuals want to know! 

Not responsible for grimy mirror.  That is some other chick’s locker.

I almost have cleavage here.  Huh.  Must be the lighting.

       It’s Spring in New York and the weather is excellent–too bad I’m chained to the desk toiling away.  My carpal tunnel is killing me.

       I hired a personal trainer.  A gift to myself, for my birthday.  To hell with yoga.  I’ve decided that I hate it.  It makes me feel fat and clumsy (which I am).  

     I bought a ton of books from a street vendor around NYC.  My intended recreational summer reading:

All this for less than $30!

books for sale

          The Mathematician came over and I kicked him out of my apartment.  “Get lost!”  I slammed the door on him, ha!

         Coward.  God I hate cowards.  You reading this, coward?  Hope you like it.  Did you tell your wife and marriage counselor that you came by my apartment, coward?

8 thoughts on “Toil & Trouble”

  1. No need to apologize to post these pictures. Three cheers for the Return of the Jedi Proncess Leia bra. It will be a hit for sure.

  2. Dear Miss Margo,

    A belated Happy Birthday! That metal bra looks GREAT!!! You should do more dirty work for C. She pays really well. That’s a nice selection of books, by the way. I read the Gallic War in high school Latin class.

    I love me some Steinbeck. Cannery Row is one of my favorites. I try to re-read it, but I never get past the first ten pages. I read the same sentence 20 times – marveling at its beauty. Then the same paragraph over and over. Then back a page or two so I can savor the way he structures the thing . . . The only other book I ever reacted to this way, overwhelmed by the beauty of the prose, is Capote’s In Cold Blood. But Capote doesn’t make my heart ache the way Cannery Row does. I don’t read enough fiction.

    Sorry that guy is still bothering you. You seem to have the situation well in hand, but still, it sucks.

    Congrats on your new found prosperity.


  3. Oh my gawwd….I never even thought about Princess Leia….of course, leave it to DUDES to think of Star Wars!!!

    Yeah, I can’t believe he came over, either. I asked, “WTF are you doing here? Do honestly think you’re going to get laid or do you have something to tell me, or what?”

    “I just want to taaaalk to you! I need to work on saving my marriage!”

    “WTF are you talking about? If you want to work on your marriage, why are you here talking to me? Get lost!”

    He doesn’t even know what he wants (or, if he does know, he ain’t sharing). It’s pathetic. The Surgeon was a crazy asshole, but he’d die of shame before he pulled a weak, disingenuous performance like that.

    I think I know what’s going on (not that I care anymore): his wife is gonna dump him, and he wants to keep me in orbit for when that heppens, because he’s one of those people who can’t stand to be alone for even two seconds. Well, too bad.

    I sent him a really nasty email after I slammed the door on him, too. Maybe I should post part of it, because I was in fine form. It’d give all the submissive guys reading instant boners. lol

    I don’t want to antagonize him too much, though. He’s got money and lawyers, and he’s not a good person. I was wrong.

  4. Hi John!

    Thanks for the compliments on the bra. I wish I could get a matching bottom for it, but metal panties just are not going to work.

    Unfortunately, I read nonfiction almost exclusively these days too. It’s great stuff, but you learn a lot from literature.

    Grapes of Wrath is my favorite of Steinbeck’s. This one, East of Eden, is supposed to be excellent, so we’ll see. I did like Cannery Row.

    I liked In Cold Blood too. It’s none of my business, but sometimes I wonder what Capote might have produced if he hadn’t been drunk all the time.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. The Mathematician came over and I kicked him out of my apartment. “Get lost!” I slammed the door on him, ha!

    hahaha that made my day.

    east of eden has been on my reading list for over a decade. literature always gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

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