Dear Miss Margo: I will be returning to NYC shortly and would like to meet up again.  Are you game?


I’d love to see you again!  I enjoyed our time together very much.  You were a very gracious host…

I finished the book you gave me to read, The Painted Word.  Wolfe is exceedingly witty, isn’t he?  I read it on the train to D.C.  and kept laughing.

Right now I’m reading The Conquest of Gaul by Caesar and Diary of a Seducer by Kierkegaard. 

  Please email or shoot me a text whenever you’d like to get together, sir.  I look forward to it!


Two of my favourite books. Caesar Gallico ends up with the second most famous quote he ever uttered: Alea iacta est!

So they are and your poor ass shall feel the might!

 From the latter the following comes to mind: There is no art in seducing a girl, but great happiness in finding one worth seducing.

 Give me a couple of days please and I shall suggest an evening.



Fortinbas, I’m swooning!  I love a man who can quote without Bartlett’s Familiar, lol

        I’ll keep an eye out for your email.  Enjoy your travels.


I cannot lie: I had to revisit the Kierkegaard quote to get it right.  🙂       

*                                *                        *                        * 


     (he did not revisit the Kierkegaard quote.  I googled it and besides, he wrote and sent it to me within 2 minutes.  He quoted it from memory. And who knows Diary of a Seducer…?  It’s an obscure book!  I never heard of it till my analyst recommended it, and I’m a ravenous bookworm!)

   Talk nerdy to me, baby!  God I love well-read men! 

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