Roses and a Knife

   Note: this post was written on Wednesday night.  I withheld it because I knew at the time that I was going to meet with the Mathematician later, and I didn’t want to give him ANY information in advance.  I am 95% sure he’s reading the blog.

   I’m not going to post all the lurid details.  Let’s just say that we met and I made it clear that if any harm comes to me through him in the future–whether tomorrow or ten years from now–there will be consequences.  

     One psycho down.  One to go.

     Can I pick em, or can I pick em…?  

          *                   *               *                *               * 

 Oh wow.  My 8 readers are going to like this one!

    I found a bouquet of roses and an unsigned valentine in front of my door.

Creepy Valentine

    Whoever left it there didn’t knock.  They just left it.

    Weird shit.

     After staring at it for a minute, I picked it up and brought it inside.  Then I started contacting people who I thought might have given it to me.

     It didn’t take long.  Pretty short list.  

     Everyone said no.

     The creepiness factor in my apartment shot through the roof.  I went to my front door and put the security chain on.  Then I went to my bedroom and checked the locks on the windows.  

     Being a woman is no fun sometimes, guys.  If you were wondering, let me tell you now: it’s no fun to be weak little prey for whatever comes along.  

     I was a little afraid to touch the flowers, but I decided to unwrap them.  Maybe there was a clue inside.  A receipt, a note…  


      Oh yes, there was something inside the flowers, all right.  

      Because nothing says, “I love you, Honey!” like ROSES AND A KNIFE.

       It was, as I’m sure you can imagine, exactly what I needed for my mental and emotional health this week.

       I’m sure he thought he was being honestly romantic.  The Surgeon has a flair for showmanship, and something is also screwed up with his “filter.”  Put those two together, and you get a man who hides syringes and random medical equipment around your apartment instead of post-its with hearts and smilies on them.  

      I tell you…can I pick em, or can I pick em?  


3 thoughts on “Roses and a Knife”

  1. Why meet with the Math guy? Is there any indication that he would threaten you? He has a lot to lose too, maybe more than you since you have a backup job and few dependents. Besides, he really liked you, even if he wasn’t really free to do so, so why do feel threatened by him? Has he been calling, texting, or stalking you since the night of the big reveal?

  2. I caught up on my “compartmentalized existence” reading. So sorry to hear about the Mathematician’s chicanery. I want to repeat what everyone else is saying about not being so hard on yourself. I think you were reasonably careful about this one. You’ve got the smarts, sensitivity, and resources to weather this and come out more ready to find the right person you so richly deserve.

    Meanwhile the V-Day gift was really creepy. Even if you’re into knife play it’s creepy. Sorry you’re having a bad February….

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