Rawkin’ the Overhead Projector

    Hey, Party People!


      Miss Margo gets to use this wonderful piece of World War II technology to teach!  A lowly adjunct slave instructor like herself does not qualify for a Smart classroom.  

     The light gets really, really hot and makes sunspots in her vision and burns her fingertips if they linger on the transparency.  The fan blows her hair around, too.  

     The students are not digging The Federalist Papers.  They are not digging The Federalist Papers at all.  They text on their cell phone in front of her.  One young scholar crunched on a nice crispy apple in the front row until Miss Margo asked him to stop.  Please refrain from eating your tasty apple until the end of the session, Teenage Scholar. 

     Miss Margo told the Mathematician about the TEXTING.

     “They are probably tweeting about you.  When I give a presentation, I always look up my twitter hashtag right away,” he said.  

       This made Miss Margo very paranoid.  

     Miss Margo Recommends:

           She doesn’t know what’s in this shit and doesn’t want to know. It burns like a mofo and will discolor the fabric of your clothing, so you have to put it on at bedtime.  It also hurts.  Stings like acid.  It is probably nuking your sweat glands.  Maybe it will make you have 2-headed children.

      However, if you wear it–especially on a daily basis–you will not sweat from your armpits (or wherever else you apply it).  No sweat.  El Zilcho!  

2 thoughts on “Rawkin’ the Overhead Projector”

  1. Students will push your limits as much as possible. I tell mine at the beginning of the semester that they are not allowed to text, or use ANY electronic device. Tell them you will dock participation points for each infraction. Then one or two always try it anyway. I have found that the best technique at this point is to stop talking…completely…and stare at the student until they stop. The whole class will come to a screeching halt and all eyes will shift onto them. Use silence. It is deafening.

  2. Howdy!

    Excellent advice! Lol, you’d think that I would appreciate the use of public shaming. Some domme I am!

    My last classroom teaching job was at my previous university, right before every college student in America got a cell phone.

    I’ll ban the phones this week, before the semester gets further along…

    Thanks for reading! Please come back and comment any time. I always appreciate getting feedback and advice from my 8 readers.


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