I Needed a Laugh

  Haahahaha OMG one of my old classmates fowarded me this video.  My old school had a big Greek presence and I saw this ALL THE TIME!

   This actor is a genius.  Lol. 

                   *                              *                           *                
   Because this place could use a little cheering up….

     The stripper one is the best.  I’d say about half of it applies to Studio work.  I had a counselor at school rebuke me for failing feminism once when I made the (ill-advised) decision to tell her what I do.  As if she was the feminist police.   

      “If I had tenure, I’d smack you right in your face right now.” lol lol lol 

        Actually, the next time a strange man on the subway tells me that I ought to smile, I might just hit him in the eye with my iPhone.  Sometimes these assholes only learn the hard way.  

      “All right all right all right….don’t bite my head off!” lol lol       

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