Frankenstorm Pics

      Hi.  I have more pics, which I will try to post sometime soon, but right now I don’t have access to the internet at home.  Or running water.  Or heat.  Or light.  

      Ah, how I have dreamed of a life without the ever-present nuisance of electricity! *sarcasm*

      I am camping out in my apartment.  It sucks.  It’s dirty and the novelty of living by candlelight wore off on night 2.  I’m wearing spandex jogging pants because I have no clean jeans or cords and I am NOT going to wear my nice suit trousers while I run around town foraging for a power outlet to charge my phone.

     Can’t complain.  Did you see the news reports of those poor folks out on Staten Island?  Lord have mercy.  

      Here’s a few, from my neighborhood:

incredibly, you can’t see this tree at night.  People walk into it. 

look at that trunk!

See that..?  29th Street, and the traffic lights finally come on a block or two away…

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