Nerd Alert: Epic Rap Battles of History

      I am embarrassed to admit that I spent at least an hour watching and re-watching this silly (but very entertaining) YouTube video series: Epic Rap Battles of History.

       I don’t listen to rap music.  I can’t name a single rap song.  Wait–Eminem–“Lose Yourself”–does that count…?  That’s rap, right…?  However, I am a major history buff, and these videos appeal to that.  The songwriters are talented and the actors are pretty funny.  And I love the voice narrator who says “Epic Rap Battles of History!”  It’s so ridiculous!  But comical!  Yeah, I laughed.  I laughed and laughed. 

       Here’s the dork fest at Margo Manor today:

       Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking.  WTF…?  I love both of them, and the Carl Sagan mention cracked me up.  I think Stephen Hawking wins this one.

      Next: Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig van Beethoven.  You know that I’m a huge Beethoven fan; I couldn’t resist this one.  Haahaha, Bieber asks “Who listens to Classical anyway?”  And Beethoven says, “I’m glad I’m deaf so that I don’t have to listen to (Bieber’s song).”

      I was totally rooting for Beethoven, but I think Bieber won.

I am usually intolerant of Nazi imagery in comedy or satire, or even most fiction, because I know how horrifying their regime was.  It was evil, truly evil, and you know I almost never use that word.  

 This is too goofy to take offense at.  

  I’m on the fence with this one.  Hilter’s more witty (“Light Saber? You need a Life Saver!”), but Darth Vader has better delivery:


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