Is this Gay? Please Advise

      Okay, I got input from seven individuals.   Two of them left comments (thanks guys!). 

       Four respondents say that the guy in question has some bro-mance crush gay thing on his enemy.

      Six respondents say that wanting his girlfriend to sleep with his enemy is creepy and fucked up (one comment said is was stalker-ish).  Another respondent speculates that competitiveness may have something to do with his motivation.

      Hmmmm much food for thought, thank you, hmmmm

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     Hey, party people!  

      I’ve been trying to figure something out.  It’s kind of a weird, touchy issue.  But I thought to myself: a lot of guys read this blog.  Maybe I could throw this out there and get some helpful input.

       Okay: let’s just say that you were a girl, and once upon a time, you were in a relationship with this guy.  

       The guy had an enemy.  No exaggeration: an enemy.  Someone that he used to be friends and business partners with, but they had a (very mysterious) falling out, and now they were enemies.

      And let’s just say that this guy was obsessed with his enemy. 

      Now, let’s just say, hypothetically, that you went to a conference with this guy.  And his enemy happened to be at this conference.  And your guy concocted a scheme to have you pick up his enemy at the bar and have sex with him in his hotel room.  Meanwhile, the enemy would have no idea that you were in a relationship with your guy, or that the he was being manipulated. 

      Seduction accomplished, you get together with your guy again, and he wants to hear alllllllll about it.  His focus, in the conversation, is on his enemy and his enemy’s behavior during the event.  Not on you and what you experienced.  

      Now, I ask you: Is that gay?  Like, a gay tendency?  Does that sound gay to you?  

      It’s okay if it is.  And I’m not suggesting that this man was gay, because he wasn’t.  But this obsession thing seems sort of gay. 

     Or is this some cuckold thing?  

     I’m confused.  

     And no, this is not what I did in Boston. 

     Any thoughts?  

6 thoughts on “Is this Gay? Please Advise”

  1. It sounds creepy, manipulative, and borderline stalking, but not gay. It is more like he wanted to observe the guy in a private, vulnerable moment, but didn’t have a keyhole or a spy camera to look through, so the woman was the keyhole-by-proxy. This guy just wants to be able to think “I know what you look like and do when you screw”, I’m sure he giggles about it too. The woman, being a loyal soldier, will downplay the size of the enemy’s dick and his sexual abilities, making her boyfriend the “stud” by comparison. This guy is sure to try to screw the wife, sister, daughter, or mother of his enemy as well.

    That’s my view: creepy, but not gay.

  2. M. you already know the answer. The surgeon is bi.
    Aside from the highbrow s&m stuff, he likes the idea of certain dudes. Not sure if he acted on this streak in him.

  3. WOW! Awesome replies, thank you! I just read them and published them!


    On my way to tutoring center. I’ll digest these and comment again later in the day.

    Wowy wow wow

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