FRANKENSTORM and Notes on Mr. Wolf’s Party

   1:30 PM.  The rain is sprinkling, but nothing hard.  The wind has been building since 9 AM, though.

    I am going to write this and then try to take a nap.  I was up waaaay too late last night.  And you know me–unless I have insomnia, I am definitely an early bird!  


     Mr. Wolf is most fun guy I have ever met on (cheesy tacky internet kinky site redacted).  By far.  By God, I knew slogging though all those awful contact emails would pay off eventually!  

    I don’t know how someone can be this hedonistic and still be normal.  He’s probably not.  He’s probably some sort of sex maniac or something.  

     That’s okay.  I am, too.  

      (Sez Mr. Wolf, nibbling seafood civeche on toast: “You seem very bookish and proper, but there is something dangerous about you.  I’m intrigued!”)

      Oh man.  That was quite a party.  

Coffee table in the waiting room in heaven

      Guy was not shy at all.  He had empathy and social skills–I could see him checking in with me to get cues as to how to act–but he really put himself out there.  It to me a long time to learn how to assert myself on others like that.  It really is a skill–nobody wants a Top with confidence issues.  

      It might have helped that I rolled over like a friendly, docile Golden Retriever the instant he told me to do something.  I don’t understand SAMs, I really don’t.  You are never going to get what you want if you make it too difficult for someone to give it to you. If you want to be controlled, the only thing you have to do is obey.  Don’t resist.  And if you want to have some say in it: cooperate.   I’ve only had one personal in my life so far, but those were his first three rules.

ROAWR!!!  Bar, I hardly knew ye!

     The evening was way too busy to recount in detail (and I’m sleepy, and the rain is really kicking up outside), but I’ll tell you one of the BEST PARTS..


      Mr. Wolf bought brand new motorcycle boots and I got to kneel on the floor and take his old ones off and take the new ones out of the box and put them on!  Then I got to worship them and play with them and he pressed me all over the nice wooden floor with them.  

     Arrrrghhh I am demented!  Why do I like that so much?  I don’t know, but I do!  I do!  

     When he was in the restroom, I put on his awesome leather motocross jacket and rolled around in it.  Then I put it back before he came out.  

     In retrospect, I should have just asked him if I could wear it.  He probably would have let me frolic around in it all night.  


     And he gave me four episodes of Breaking Bad on a flashdrive to watch while I’m holed up today.  He says it’s really good.  

     So I am going to take a nap (if I can calm down now that I’m all worked up) and watch Breaking Bad and play with Parrot while Frankenstorm pounds on my door.  


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