CollarMe Hell: What Have You Got Against Wolves?

    The CollarMe Hell series is going to write itself.  If I can stick it out, that is.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to.  

     New Rule: no more checking my messages first thing in the morning.  I just did that, as I sucked down the first if the day’s ten Diet Pepsis, and now I want to climb back in bed and pull the covers over my head.  

       There are many things to share, but I think I’ll opt for this one…the profile picture of man who wrote to me:

         Why?  Why, God, why?

          He’s not a teenager, either–no getting off the hook!  He’s older than me!  He’s middle-aged!  ARRRRGH!  

        Here, I will be nice and cleanse your eyeballs with something gentle and soothing.  

        Scientists have identified a new species of monkey in the Congo.  And what an awesome-looking monkey it is!

           Some commentors think the monkey looks disturbing, but I disagree.  I think he looks COOL!  Very human-esque.  The internet is full of memes debating which celebrity he most closely resembles.  My money’s on John Lennon.  

       I saw the Mathematician the other night. 

2 thoughts on “CollarMe Hell: What Have You Got Against Wolves?”

  1. How can you leave us with “I saw the Mathematician the other night.” and not provide details? Now who’s the sadist? What’s the deal? Are you bf/gf, or is he still a client? Of course, it’s not really any of my business — but I want you to find happiness.

    BTW, married and bored is 100x better than single and lonely. Usually. If not, that’s why they made divorce court!

    How’s The Biz?

    Good luck!

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