Time Warner Cable Internet Connection Sux + Cute NY Dogs

     I just spent an HOUR on the phone with Time Warner Cable of NY, who manages my internet/fax-landline/cable account.  

      I couldn’t care less about the fax or the cable TV, but the internet connection is imperative.  Of course, it’s the only thing we ever have trouble with, and today it was out ALL DAY.  Out when I got up early this morning, out when I got home at 6 PM, out when I got home from my AA meeting at 8 PM.  I cleaned the kitchen and looked for evidence of mice (some droppings on other side of apartment…but I have not seen a mouse in many days…YAY!!!).  Fun Friday night, right…? 

       I’ll have you know that I am trying to arrange an assignation for tomorrow evening with a debonair European masochist.  But I cannot effectively plan unless I have the internet.   You try calling Europe with your cell phone.  Let me know how that works out for you.

     By the time I got an operator on the phone, I was ready to unload on him, but he sounded so young that the sound of his voice diffused my anger.

     Organizational complexity diffuses responsibility and accountability. This kid had nothing to do with the fact that my internet wasn’t working.  Even if we’re paying $170 for the package (how much are YOU paying?).  

        He fixed it.  I thanked him and said he did a good job. 

      While I was brewing on the phone, I edited photos of awesome New York Dogs in an effort to calm myself.  I took these on my walks around my neighborhood: 

Not a dog, but Parrot.  Because everything is better with Parrots.

Awesome cute white terrier or some kind at cafe! 

Australian Shepard???? Not sure what breed–waiting for owner outside Deli.  SO PRETTY!  See  the blue eye? 

   See this cute little dude–he’s a brown Dachshund I spied while passing a dry-cleaner’s.  I did a double-take and stopped walking.  He was just standing there on the tailoring stand, chilling out, pretty as you please.  I took out my iphone to take (crappy) pics of him.  The entire time, he just stood there like he was waiting to get his trousers fitted.  

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