The Economy Doesn’t Suck for Everyone

   Sure, it sucks for me.  It probably sucks for you, too.

   Tonight, however, I got to observe The Affluent in their natural habitat–a tony, trendy hotel.  The swimming pool was awesome (I didn’t swim–there was some photo shoot going on) and the decor made me feel like I was inside of a spaceship.

     I am fascinated by hotels.  I have a love affair with them.  I love hotels–the richer the better, but I am very satisfied with roadside inns and motor lodges and Motel 6s, just so long as there are no cockroaches and the bathrooms reek of bleach. Hotels are anonymous.  You can be free in a hotel.  Nobody knows who you are, or where you are.

    You are as free as the proverbial bird.

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