Don’t you hate it when you order something and you don’t check the price first, and then it’s time to pay for it and you find out that it’s much more expensive than you anticipated…?  

         I am eating a $5 slice of pizza.  I bought it on impulse on my way home from work.  I only wanted to eat a bite or two, too–just to see whether or not it was any good.  

       They have some nerve!  Lemme tell you: this is not $5 pizza.  I am going to give Parrot a little piece of the crust, and that’ll be that.

      And look what I found in my neighborhood–NEW YORK CACTI!

Miss Margo & Co.

Hangin with my Peeps

       They are real, too.  I checked em out!  I have never seen live outdoor cacti in NYC.  

         And remember that slightly worn-out poster of Marilyn Monroe that someone hung up in the locker room of the Studio…?  The one that was mysteriously and inexplicably stolen…?  And then the woman who hung it there posted a nasty note demanding the return of the poster?  

      Well, look at what some wit posted under the note:

Picture of Marilyn Monroe cut out from random magazine.  

        HAAAHAHAHA I laughed and laughed.  I have no idea who did it, but she has a good sense of humor, whoever she is.  


       Um, yeah.  

       I might as well cough it up: I saw the Mathematician last Friday night.  I had no idea whether it was a date or business, so I packed my stuff in a heavy-duty paper Barnes&Noble shopping bag and a newspaper and a book on top of it, so it looked like I’d gone, you know, shopping for books.  

      My alibi: Battle Cry of Freedom, by James McPherson

  (If you don’t know about the battle between the Merrimack and Monitor ironside vessels, you have to check this shit out!  WOW what a battle!  Awesome, so awesome!  John Dolan aka The War Nerd has a fascinating–and blackly funny–essay about this battle on The Exiled website.  Google it and check it out!) 

     …………..uh, yeah.  Where was I again….?  

      Avoiding the subject, obviously! 
     Well, the Mathematician paid me, so I guess it was business, but I spent four hours with him, talking and hanging out.  

       He had to work again on Saturday and sent me a text message inviting me to dinner.  I said yes, even though I am not eating dinner so often these days.  He picked me up–I met him 3 blocks from my apartment.  Just to be safe.  I trusted him, but…if you are a woman, you know to be careful about security.  

       I was expecting a Dorky Dad Car (TM), but he landed in a pretty swank convertible.  We had the top down until it started to rain.

      We went to dinner at a seafood place.  I ate a fish called “Grouper.”  I’d never eaten it before.  It was very tasty.  I recommend it.  Hopefully it is not endangered.  The dinner also came with rice, which was presented in a bizarre pyramid shape: 

Behold, the Pyramid of Rice

        Why would a chef think that a pyramid of rice is a good idea…?  Grouper was delicious; the sauce a little too sweet. 

       I want to write more, but I have to jump in the shower.  Hopefully, I’ll finish this tomorrow. 

      I’m going to see him again this evening.

     My brain is screaming: THIS IS A BAD IDEA, but you know what…?  My fucking brain has been discouraging me about every man I’ve liked since, well, the beginning of this blog.  Remember Jeff, the Machinist…?  Same thing.  

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