Miss Margo Loves Beaker (And This Collar)!

       I was late leaving the house today because I discovered this awesome video on YouTube!

       Remember Beaker, from the muppets..?  Well, I completely forgot about him, until I stumbled upon a video of him on YouTube.  

       I LOVE BEAKER!  He reminds me a little bit of me sometimes because he is clumsy and his experiments go wrong.  He is a lab assistant–sort of like a lowly research assistant.  

Hapless Beaker: “Uh-oh”

       Here is a video of Beaker singing “Ode to Joy.”  You know how much I love Beethoven!  But look–on the video, everything bad happens to poor Beakers’ performance.  It’s SO FUNNY!  As Beaker’s wikipedia says, “Beaker rapidly became a favourite with audiences, who both sympathized with and enjoyed laughing at his humorous sufferings.”

HAAAHAHA see the violin catch on fire?! 

      I also found this: a super pretty dog collar from Barney’s!  Gimmie gimmie gimmie!  How am I going to get my mitts on this thing?  Maybe I’ll hit up the Surgeon.  He’s given me enough belts for now.  Haahaha.  

     I’m going to Boston tomorrow.  Just overnight, but still–it’ll be great to get out of town for a day!

2 thoughts on “Miss Margo Loves Beaker (And This Collar)!”

  1. Thanks Margo – I now have Ode To Joy Beaker style running on a loop through my head! I’ve been wandering around my apartment whistling it for the last hour. I do share your love of Beaker however.


  2. HI Paltego–

    Oh man, that video cracked me up. I’ve probably watched it five times. Those new muppet clips are really great, and I generally don’t enjoy cartoons and kid stuff.

    If the muppets don’t make you laugh, there is no joy in your soul!

    Thanks for reading!



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