Torture Me Please, Mr. Neeson (II)!

Update 4:45 PM:  I stand corrected.  This movie is actually pretty damn lame.  These CGI wolves look awful!  Whose retarded idea were they?  Why couldn’t they use real wolves?

    Oh well.  I’ll still watch the movie at least once more.  Who am I kidding?  

                          *                          *                       *       

  I’m watching this movie called The Grey while I bake cookies to take to my crispy burnout AA meeting.  

       I hate action movies, but this one is really good!  And have I mentioned today just how damn HAWT Liam Neeson is…?  Lord have mercy!  How is it possible for a man to be this attractive?  Oh my God! I’m only twenty minutes into it, and I’m probably going to have to take a break and run to my room and get off! 

Why yes, Miss Margo, I am the most sexy man in the world.   See you at 8? 

       The airplane crash scene was scary, though.  I hate airplane crash scenes.  I’m scared to fly in planes.  

      How can I meet this spectacular man and persuade him to rough me up a little (or a lot)…?  Does anyone have any recommendations?   Think I could somehow hire him to do it?  If he hits people in movies, he could do it for real.  How much do you think it would  cost?  

       He also looks really big.  When he dies, he should donate his massive cranium to science.  It looks as big as the faces on Mount Rushmore.  Yikes.  

      Now he’s fighting a huge CGI wolf with his bare hands.  HAWT!

      I gotta set a timer.  Otherwise I’ll burn the cookies for sure.   

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