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       Alleluia!  I’m found some hot porn!

       As all 4 longtime readers of this blog will know, I have a pretty hard time finding “porn” that excites and interests me (yeah yeah, I know you’re thinking “Who in hell wants ‘interesting’ porn?” I do, that’s who!).  As much as I loathe advertising (not so much in concept…what really offends me is its intrusion into public space, like billboards and train stations), I must admit that I find a lot of my favorite sexytime images in ads.  By “a lot,” I mean 14.  I am only being somewhat facetious. 

      As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have a special “coconut porn” folder.  I ripped off the term from defunct blogger Bitchy Jones, but since I’m citing her, I think it’s legit. You can click on the label tag “making porn out of coconuts” for more.

       And now….check out these awesome pics!  I found a few on Paltego’s site, but then I went to the original sources and got em all!  

       *sigh* if only, if only one of the models was a boy!!!  Girl/girl does nothing for me, but when you’re a perv like myself, you take your thrills where you can get them! In my mind, I just pretend the darkhaired patient model is a boy. 

      P.S.  It should go without saying, but: I have tremendous compassion for the mentally ill and I would never advocate treating them in such a fashion. 

        I’m just digging the fantasy sadomasochism here.  And gosh, these photos are very well done!  Artistical!  These models did a really good job as actresses.

The white boots and the key ring really make this shot. for me.  The doctor looks so intense and powerful.   And who’d they hire to do that rigging?  See her on her toes?  

See how the doctor looks casual yet authoritative, as if she were reading a patients’ chart. 

Nice rigging!  Darkhaired model is very flexible–most can’t touch their elbows in back. See the dirty feet, and how pristine the doctor is. 

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