Watch this Film re: Russian Prisons

     I’ve watched this film twice in the last two days, which probably suggests something about my state of mind…

      The Mark of Cain. A documentary about the culture of Russian prison tattoos and Russian prisons.  It’ll make your hair turn white.  I have to say, as I’ll walk back to work tonight, I’ll definitely appreciate my freedom a little more.  I have no idea where I’ll be in a month, but at least I won’t be at the White Swan prison in Russia.   

     The tattoos are fascinating.  I wouldn’t call them beautiful, because I don’t like tattoos on anyone except aboriginal peoples, but they are certainly interesting, and some of the ones shown in the movie are executed with very skillfully.  The artistic style is definitely different than in the tattoos I see on people.  

     I also like the way the filmmaker lets the prisoners and other narrators speak for themselves and give their own explanations and stories.  There is nothing condescending (or romantic) here, and a minimum of editorializing.  It’s a very good film.

You will have to watch it in segments on YouTube…this is the first.

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