Go to the Dentist!

     I went to the dentist earlier this week and wrote a blog post about it that turned into a memory lane essay about dentists I have known.  It took, like, two hours to write.  I enjoyed writing it, but when I finished it, I asked myself: who on earth would want to read this?  So, I’m not going to post it unless someone requests it.  Shoot me a comment or email, and I’ll give it to you.  

     Public Service Announcement: if you’re a poor person in New York (or you just don’t have insurance) and you need affordable dental care, I recommend that you make an appointment at the NYU College of Dentistry clinic without delay!  Without delay!

     I was examined for two hours by two different dentists–a student dentist and an awesome professor dentist–and had x-rays taken for only $95!  
     I was a little anxious because I hadn’t been to the dentist in 4 years.  What can I say–it’s expensive.  Waitin’ on Obamacare, baby, waitin’ on Obamacare! 

      The professor dentist shined the light into my mouth and looked around.  “Well, it looks all right.  No cavities.  Except for that great big one there in the back.”

     I groaned.

     “JUST KIDDING!” he said, and laughed.  

      Happily, I had no cavities.  Everything was healthy. 

      I got a job tutoring for the GRE.  It’s a short contract, but the hourly wage is very good.  

      Will try to post something more interesting this weekend.

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