Coriolanus: Nature Teaches Beasts to Know Their Friends

     I just found out about a new film of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, directed by and starring one of my imaginary boyfriends, Ralph Fiennes! (FYI, my co-workers say that I have a passing resemblance to the redhead.  A passing resemblance.  I think I look more like Katherine Heigl.)

      Coriolanus is one of Shakespeare’s clunkier plays, but–like Titus Andronicus and his other less-famous works–it contains moments of exceptional brilliance and psychological insight.

        Nobody can turn a phrase like Shakespeare.  Nobody.

         (I always become irritated when I hear someone say that The Merchant of Venice is an anti-Semitic play.  It’s a play (partially) about Antisemitism.  Any thoughtful person who’s read the Shakespeare cannon knows that this guy was not a narrow-minded bigot.  This man gave us Othello.  He was a feminist.  A Humanist!  Was there a contemporaneous writer more sympathetic to the oppressed?  More understanding of the human condition? Hell–is there an author more sympathetic today?)

        The way that he captures human relationships–especially between parents and their children, specifically fathers and daughters–is unparalleled in sensitivity.

       I read  Coriolanus as an undergrad (it was superior to A Midsummer Night’s Dream–how did that mediocre play get so popular?  Every Shakespeare festival has it, and I have to traverse the globe to see Measure for Measure.).  Clunky, but you can geek out on the politics if you get into it.

2 thoughts on “Coriolanus: Nature Teaches Beasts to Know Their Friends”

  1. I just searched for the actresses name as just watched dvd of Coriolanus and ended here.
    The redhead is stunning and looking at the photo on the right you have more than a passing resemblance! However you really need to show your face to see as this is her best asset, beautiful
    I am off to find her name as still don’t know!
    c u

  2. Aw, how sweet! Thank you for the compliment. The redhead in Coriolanus is Jessica Chastain. I agree, she is a very lovely actress! I am taller than she is, but our faces and coloring are somewhat similar (my hair is more strawberry blonde). Unfortunately, I can’t show my face on this blog. The internet, alas, is forever.

    Glad you liked Coriolanus! It’s fun to have another Shakespeare fan here!

    Hope you are well and thank you for reading! Come back any time.

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