PoM Fun FAQ: “Why Do You Call that Place Where You Work ‘The Studio’?”

   I got an email from an anonymous reader who asked, among other things, why I refer to the place where I work as ‘The Studio,’ instead of the commonly accepted–indeed, ubiquitous–name for such an establishment.  

   There are two reasons.  The first reason is that, when I started writing about these places as houses or studios, I was deliberately engaging in a little semantic gymnastics in order to avoid completely incriminating myself in the event this blog was discovered by the people in my other lives.  I was also writing about starving without calling it an eating disorder, and drinking without calling it alcoholism.  Yeah, there was a lot of tap-dancing going on.  Obviously, I knew that anyone with two brain cells to rub together could read between the lines of this blog and understand exactly what I was talking about. The obfuscation was a fig leaf, basically. 

     Besides, one gets used to hiding things your whole life, and it becomes habit. As incredible as it may seem to you, gentle reader, the evolution of this little blog illustrates a tremendous effort to be honest about my life.  

     I still have a lot of work to do where that’s concerned, but I can say that I have made more of an effort–and enjoyed more success–at being a transparent person in the last 12 months than I have in my last fifteen years of life.  And you could probably make it twenty years.  

       The second reason I call it “The Studio” is aesthetic preference.  I defy anyone to tell me that “dungeon” does not sound idiotic and corny (I would also say melodramatic, but melodramatic things do, in fact, happen there).  A dungeon?  Really?  How am I supposed to tell anyone with a straight face–even random strangers on the internet–that I am going to the dungeon?  Do we live in a comic book?  What am I going to do there, bake cookies and plot world domination with Darth Vader, Ming the Merciless, and the evil witch from the Wizard of Oz?  Jesus!

         When I think of a dungeon, this is what always springs to mind:

4 thoughts on “PoM Fun FAQ: “Why Do You Call that Place Where You Work ‘The Studio’?””

  1. Thank you for posting this clip. I have seen it a dozen times and I still laughed out loud when he said, “Nothing is working. Send in the nuns!”

    I agree that ‘dungeon’ sounds ridiculous. I have been in ‘dungeons’ that were small rooms in apartments in residential buildings. Even Gothic sconces couldn’t make it a ‘dungeon.’

    Studio is perfect for the theatricality of it all. I’ve heard ‘parlor’ or ‘club’ which are also OK. I’ve also heard Mistresses say ‘Office’,’Whip Shack’, and ‘Salt Mine’.


  2. Dungeons and dragons… Yeah dungeon does sound idiotic! Studio is much better. I like your alliteration with “Super Studio”. Studio is creative. Dungeon is dark and dank and cold.


  3. John:

    Glad you liked the clip! The first time I saw it, it actually made me really uncomfortable. The Inquisition wasn’t funny AT ALL and I thought that the Jews-as-slot-machine was just too fucking much. But I thought about it for a little bit, and decided that Mel Brooks, not being an idiot, must surely know this. This is Mr. Springtime for Hitler, after all. That loosened me up quite a bit. Now I think it’s pretty funny. SEND IN THE NUNS! LMAO and the torturers in their masks and hoods. Jesus.

    Also: how did synchronized swimming become an Olympic sport? What is up with that? Isn’t it WEIRD? What sort of goofball activity is synchronized swimming?

    I kind of like “salt mine.”


    “Dungeons and Dragons” rofl rofl…ever been to Paddles or TES Fest? Dungeons and Dragons fit in quite well there. Someone once told me that BDSM meetings were like Star Trek conventions where everyone is wearing assless chaps. I think that description is pretty accurate.

    And yeah, it is a SUPERSTUDIO!!! There were 14 women on shift the other night. UGH! I’m happy to say that I did quite well for myself, though.

    Thanks for reading.

    Anonymous 2:48

    Hi there, stranger! Wow, what a blast from the past. I haven’t thought about YCDTOT in…forever. But now I remember it, sort of. That was early, early childhood for me.

    Thanks for reading. Come back any time.

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