Friday Night Date with Spencer

     Spencer and I had a date last night.  I think that it went pretty well.  

     Rocky start.  We were supposed to meet at 6:30, but then he had to postpone till 6:45, and then I couldn’t get out of work till late and said that I’d be there by 7 pm.  Traffic was terrible, so I ran 5 blocks cross-town and over twenty blocks and met him at ten after.  I just google mapped it; it was a mile and a half.  I did that in rush-hour traffic in 20 min in makeup and nice dress and flip-flops.   He was kinda sore about my being late.   I understand he was concerned about being stood up–being stood up really sucks–but I said I’d be late and COME ON, the Studio is not exactly the IRS office.  If Frau Farbissina is ten minutes late paying me, I have to wait till she reimburses my fee.  Same with my students.  What am I going to do?  Report it to OSHA?  

     I have the vague suspicion that he doesn’t think that I respect him enough.  I could be wrong about this, and I hope that I am. 

     Everything else was awesome!

      He took me to a Japanese restaurant which was the equivalent, I guess, of a Japanese casual bar and we ate Japanese pub food!  It was full of Asian people (mostly men) and a lovely professional barmaid with bangs.  

“Abandon All Compassion, Ye Who Enter Here.”  Delicious Animals on Skewers

     Behold, the menu! There had to have been at least 30 different animals available for eating within its pages.  The animals are grilled or fried or broiled or otherwise prepared.  I have to hand it to the Japanese: they don’t fuck around with the animal eating.  They will eat ANYTHING.   Ignore that Shinto propaganda–they have no respect for animals.   


    I’m not bashing the Japanese .  We torture animals too.  

         Delicious animals.  I guess that in Japan, you can get exotic animals on sticks.  yum yum yum

            I intend to write more about Spenser tomorrow,  and continue this narrative.  

        I asked him to stay over at my place next week.

        I haven’t had a man overnight in my bed in a long time. 

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