Three Cheers for Chickens!

     Some women window-shop online to kill time.

      I browse (and craigslist).  The bird ads.

       Have I ever told you how much I love chickens…?  Because I do!  I think chickens are awesome creatures.  What is not to love about chickens?  Consider how gnarly they look!

Look at this awesome chicken!  Adopt him if you can.  His face!  His feet!  His nifty tail! 
This is a beautiful chicken.  See how perfect his feathers are. 

      They look fantastical.  They look monstrous.  Gorgeous. Look at those faces.  Tell me it isn’t true.  

       They also do everything right.  They are predictable.  They are docile.  They are delicious (is that obscene?).  The babies are so cute to look at that I wish I had a baby chick on my desk with me right now!  

     And they come from eggs.  How cool is that?  

      I love chickens!

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