The Intimacy is So Ephemeral

   The last few days have been pretty turbulent.  

     I was hired by an awesome fellow who, interestingly, actually seemed to give a damn about my life.  It was surprising, for me.  But fun.  We talked and talked like birds in a tree.

      I also fell off the wagon.  Yes, yes I did!  Have no fear; I climbed back on the horse first thing in the morning and have been booze-free  ever since.  Hell, I just fed more cookies to crispy burnout alcoholics.  I need to examine why I did this–without a doubt–but I am not going to torture myself over it.  7 days drinking in almost 10 months…?  Progress, not perfection.  

      Out by July, Out by July.  Writing and research (or even flipping burgers), not sadomasochism.  

       Today I consented to be used again.  I was ridden very hard. 

        The intimacy is so ephemeral.

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